Relocation Guide: Moving to Wilmington, NC

June 3, 2024

When you finish reading about all the advantages this culturally flourishing North Carolina city provides, you will be excited about moving to Wilmington. Wilmington has what you are searching for, whether you are moving for a new job, retirees who want a settlement, or a young adult looking to start college.

At the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, Jungle Rapids, and Children’s Museum, you’ll be impressed with family-friendly fun galore. Amid unique boutiques, intriguing antique shops, tantalizing bakeries, cafes, and restaurants, Wilmington’s Riverwalk meanders along the Cape Fear River

Guide Moving to Wilmington, NC.

You’ll be rejuvenated by the healthy lifestyle you can enjoy on miles of lovely hiking and walking paths if you love nature. Or, meet tourists at Wrightsville Beach, globally recognized as one of the nation’s top 20 ‘Most Impressive Surfing Cities’ according to National Geographic.

With just over 122,000 people, Wilmington is a significant port city, and the broader Wilmington Metro area, with 263,500 residents, contains twice the population of Wilmington proper. Over the past few decades, Wilmington’s population has seen steady growth and it does not seem to be slowing.

Moving to Wilmington, NC?
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Demand For Housing

It can take some time to find a new home. Fortunately, almost half of Wilmington homes are leased, 48.9 percent, which means that before you make the final decision to buy a house, you can take up a short-term lease. As of October 2019, the median rent price is $1,450, just marginally less than the national average rent price of $1,470.

Cost Of Living Moving to Wilmington

The average cost of living index for Wilmington is 101.8, according to The index for the national average is 100. At 114.1, the largest of all index expenditures is housing costs. Healthcare at 108 is the other above-average cost. Groceries at 91.9, services at 97.2, and transport at 88.8 are below the average cost of living expenses.

The median income for households is $42,130, which is less than the $53,482 average for the US. To sustain a moderate standard of living in Wilmington, a family of four needs to carry home $90,106.

Job Market and Economy

The economy of Wilmington is booming, and employment growth is projected to rise by 37.3 percent over the next ten years, surpassing the estimated 33.5 percent national growth. At 3.9 percent, the unemployment rate matches the national rate. Health & Social Assistance, lodging and food services, retail trade, and educational services are the main industrial sectors.

Pharmaceutical Product Growth, University of NC Wilmington, Guilford Mills, and Interroll are some of the larger employers. Look for jobs at Yes, Beast, and many of the other online job boards if you’re looking for a job in Fort worth, or try working with a recruitment agency.

Moving to Wilmington, NC?
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