Relocation Guide: Things to Know Before Moving to Stockton

June 3, 2024

There are a lot of reasons why people are moving to Stockton. For a lot of people moving to Stockton was the right choice but, of course, you still want to do a little bit of research to see if it will before you. Below is some information that will help you decide whether it is a good move or not.

Moving to Stockton Guide

moving to Stockton

There is a population of about 310,000 in Stockton, California, and it is located about 83 miles east of San Francisco. Originally, it was something of a port close to the River San Joaquin. In reality, even today, you can travel by boat to the San Francisco Bay delta on the local rivers and sail into the bay. You may as well go all the way to San Francisco, or up the River Napa.

Moving to Stockton?
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Cost of a house

For a person residing in a larger city, one of the key reasons for moving to Stockton is the lower cost of housing. In Stockton, the median home value is around $230,000-$240,000. That number is closer to $1.1 million in San Francisco, so you can easily imagine how much more affordable living in Stockton would be. It may even be possible to find a condo for less than $200,000 in Stockton, and for around $100,000 if it is small. If Stockton is a city too big for you, there are smaller places in the surrounding area like Lodi, Tracy, and Manteca.

It should be remembered that you would actually not get that much in terms of square footage in San Francisco, even at $1.1 million dollars. In Stockton, what will you be able to buy? Let’s stop off at a 3 BR 3,000 square foot house with an in-ground backyard swimming pool and a $479,000 lake dock before we get to that. You may also be able to get a large home on several acres of land outside of Stockton at that price. It is most likely that what you get in Stockton for a million or so would be a custom-built home on a very large estate, with 5-6 bedrooms and maybe a garage that can house at least 3 vehicles. You will also be living in a neighborhood that is peaceful or very quiet.

Job Opportunity

There are a lot of job opportunities here if you are looking for a better opportunity. Some of the biggest employers here are:

Dameron Hospital
Division of Juvenile Justice
Foster Care Services
Inland Fly Service
Morada Produce
San Joaquin County Human Services
Prima Frutta Packing, Inc.
Inland Flying Services
O G Packing and Cold Storage
University of the Pacific
St. Joseph’s Cancer Center
Walmart Supercenter

Surprise you might find in Stockton

Most people today probably don’t want to do that, but one of the surprising things to think about Stockton is the fact that you can. Stockton is home to the University of the Pacific, where it has the first medical school on the West Coast. It is also known for its music conservatory. This university also contains the Dave Brubeck Institute, and there is an annual Brubeck Festival held there. Through the institute, educational opportunities are given to learn jazz.

Moving to Stockton?
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