Reasons Why Moving to Sacramento is for you!

June 3, 2024

If you want to move out west but California is not your thing then you can consider moving to Sacramento. Here are some of the reasons why moving to Sacramento is for you.

While there are plenty of popular places in California, Sacramento can be an ideal option for people looking to relocate west. There are about 500,000 people calling Sacramento their home. Even though the city limits may be small, they’re about 1 million residents living in the outlying suburbs of the county.

For the past couple of years, there has been a shift in population within the State of California. Many people are moving to inward areas like
Sacramento. Even though it is not the first choice for others, the city offers a lot more than just a low cost of living. So, are you thinking of moving to Sacramento? Here is some information you need before moving.

Ready To Move to Sacramento?
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1. Lower Cost of living compared to the other parts of California

The recession of 2007 has caused lower housing prices and lower cost of living. The area experience and been through some rough economic times for the past decades. If you are moving to Sacramento because of the job, it will be a huge advantage for you because of your steady income in a place where the cost of living is low compared to California standards. However, make sure to move in quick because the housing prices are on the rise.

The cost of houses depends on each neighborhood, the standard house for a single-family is around $300,000. The price is actually higher per square ft compared to the other area of the country however in the state of California this is low.

In comparison, the cost of living in Sacramento is about 5% above the countries average. However, before you think that’s too high, try checking California which has 21.5% above the country’s average.

2. Employment Opportunities

Sacramento isn’t without a fair job market though the unemployment rate is higher compare to other parts of California. State jobs are abundant since it is a state capital. However, because of the recession in 2007, it is best to know the type of job you want in advance and explore that specific market.

The economy is still recovering and Sacramento is going up and up. Debbie Towne said that the future is bright. “It took several years to shake off the doldrums of the recession, but the state of California is hiring again,” Debbie said. The people are feeling more secure about their jobs and the price of the house is going up.

Are you on a job hunt? State of California, Sutter Health, Blue Diamond, and United Service Automobile Association is worth checking in Sacramento.

3. Picturesque Sacramento Neighborhoods

Sacramento is small compared to other California city however, depending on where you came from, Sacramento might seem larger. Despite its size, the mid-sized metropolitan has a lot to offer.

Sacramento like any other city has mixed neighborhoods, some are safer and well like than the others. You have the option to live in the city limits after you move here or choose an adjacent suburb.

City Neighborhoods

Midtown – a fast-paced youthful environment, Downtown or Midtown has a mix of hippies and hipsters as well as young professional workers. The house price varied. You can find a single-family house next to an apartment building or next to a tattoo parlor. But if you are looking for a highly walkable area, Midtown is your place to be.

East Sacramento – An upscale section of town that has higher prices per sq ft in the city. The is the residence of docotors, attorneys, lobbyists, and business owners. You can also find McKinley Park here a 32-acre recreational place to gather.

South Land Park – This area is mostly 1950’s ranch style home and located about 4 miles south of the state capitol. The residence here mostly live in the same house for generations, so looking for a house here might be a little difficult.

College Greens – A home of Sac State, however, it is not necessarily just a college town. It offers more home lanyard space than you would see in Midtown or East Sac. It is also safer in close proximity to freeways and located east of downtown.

A piece of advice if you are moving to Sacramento.

Make sure you watch Lady Bird it was filmed mostly in Sacramento. It will give you a perspective of what the city looks like.

Ready To Move to Sacramento?
Here are the Best Interstate Moving Companies