Guide in Moving to a Place you never visited before

June 3, 2024

It’s never easy to get ready for a move. When you go somewhere you’ve never been before, it’s much more frustrating. When people are moving to a new place by their boss, when they join the armed forces, or when their family arrangements shift, this occurs often.

If you’re moving to a new location for the first time, make sure you have a plan in place ahead of time.

If you simply would like to know how to travel somewhere different, take a look at our list of the best interstate moving companies to make the process less stressful. However, if you need help adjusting to your new home, see our suggestions below.

You’ll find a variety of moving tips to help you get ready for life in a new place.

Why are you going to relocate to a place you’ve never been before?

People sometimes relocate for the sake of a change of scenery. They could need to leave a stressful living environment, look for new jobs, or reconnect with long-lost friends.

Others travel to a new location for the first time since joining the military, whether their employer transfers them, or if they enter a new family dynamic. Whatever the reason for moving, make sure you prepare ahead of time so there are no surprises along the way.

Check your New Hometown like a local

While walking down Main Street or visiting all of your new hometown’s famous tourist attractions is a fun opportunity to learn about it, you should really explore like a local. Talk to people who work in places where they want to eat, socialize, and shop, such as bars, restaurants, and shops. Learn about the different communities and where the best places to relax are.

Don’t be afraid to ask locals the following:

What is your favorite park?
What are the popular weekend hangout spots?
Are there cool parts of the town that visitors often overlook?
What is your favorite locally owned boutique or dive bar?
What is the best hidden gem in the city?

Build a connection

You may not know it, but you are likely to have links in the town where you will be relocating. You can build a list of people with whom you can communicate online and once you arrive in your new town or city using the power of social media.

Post a message on your social media accounts asking if you know someone who lives in that town or if your friends know someone who does. You may be shocked by how many responses or private messages you get. You now have people to contact if you have any concerns, want to learn more about the place, or want to meet up for a drink or dinner when you arrive.

Compute your take-home pay

Often people forget this, particularly those who are relocating because of their work. Find out what your take-home pay will be based on your new place. People who live and work in New Jersey will take home a different sum from their pay than those who live and work in Nevada because each state has its own income tax laws.

Paycheck City Calculator is a method that can assist you in determining your take-home page. You will calculate your take-home pay in your new town by entering your salary details and the other information requested in the calculator. There are applications for salaried and hourly workers, as well as a W4 calculator and a 401k calculator.

Why not rent a place first?

Even if you’ve never visited this town or city before, renting a place before purchasing is the best option. Rent an apartment if you are moving alone. Rent a condominium if you’re moving with someone special. Are you relocating with your whole family? For six months to a year, you should be able to find a townhouse or a smaller single-family home to rent.

Leasing before buying allows you to get to know your new home and decide whether you want to make a long-term commitment before making a major financial investment. If you choose to rent rather than buy, you can avoid signing a long-term contract. Examine online resources such as Facebook Groups and Craigslist, as well as reach out to your friends to see if they know of someone who has rental properties available in the area where you are relocating.

Use Google Maps

Do you want to know how long it would take you to get from home to work and back? Do you want to know if you should ride your bike, walk, or take public transportation to work? There are problems that Google Maps can help you with. Put your home address and your workplace address on the map.

You can discover all there is to offer between home and work once you reach these points. You’ll be able to see how long your commute is, as well as a number of nearby restaurants, supermarkets, and public transit stops. In addition, you can visit colleges, libraries, hospitals, and parks.

Do you want to zoom in on a particular location on the map? To access the street view, click on a pin. When you arrive on moving day, you’ll be able to see photos of the neighborhood, the office building, and everywhere else in the city you’d like to visit.

Join local Facebook groups

Joining neighborhood Facebook groups is a great way to meet your potential neighbors and ask questions about the city. Across the world, there are millions of these organizations. Simply type your town’s or the nearest city’s name into the search bar, and then click “join the party” on each one that interests you.

You’ll be able to meet people who live there or used to live there and introduce yourself, ask questions, and interact with them. These organizations are excellent resources for new residents, especially those who have not yet visited the town.


When you learn that you’ll be heading to a new town or city that you’ve never seen or won’t be able to see before moving day, don’t be afraid to do your own study. When searching for information about your new town or neighborhood, the internet is a wonderful place full of reliable sources.

Look up as much information as you can on the official website of your new town or county. You’ll hear about garbage collection, recycling, local emergency services, the operation of the town or area, public works, and much more.

Look into the school system if you have children. If you choose private education, do some research on the private schools in your city. You will get a better sense of the town and whether or not you think you’ll fit in by doing some research ahead of time.

Do you like gardening? Do you want to go for long bike rides? What about going hiking? Do you want to take your drone for a spin? Do you like sitting in a park and writing poetry? Whatever your passions are, use them to do some research to see what activities are available in the town or city where you will be relocating. Knowing ahead of time that you will be able to continue to enjoy your activities will make the transition far less painful in the end.

You can now plan your move to an unfamiliar place

When you have a lot of details, you can start planning your move to a new town or city right away. No matter where you go, there will always be someone to talk to. You just need to know where to look and who to ask for assistance. As intimidating as social media can be at times, it can be a valuable tool in assisting you in making connections in your new location. When you follow the advice given, moving to a new place won’t be as difficult as you would think.