Important Things to Know Moving to Orlando, Florida

June 3, 2024

The most visited tourist destination in the U.S. is Orlando, but living here also has many advantages. Here’s what you need to remember before moving to Orlando, Florida.

When you hear that someone is moving to Orlando, Florida, what is the first thing you think of? Chances are, whether you’re a non-local, it’s something to do with Disney World, Universal Studios, or just the winter light. Living in Orlando is often overshadowed by theme parks and childhood memories as the top tourist destination in the world, with about 70 million visitors per year. But a move to Orlando will bring a lot more than just attractions and shows to its new residents.

Currently, in Orlando, there are plenty of interesting things to do that have little to do with the parks. You’ll hardly even feel like you are in the most visited place in the world, depending on the neighborhood. You may even be able to live in a spot that can help you escape some of that notorious Orlando traffic if you travel well educated.

Discover why, every year, tens of thousands of new residents migrate to Orlando. Thirteen tips that have been improved with recommendations from local experts include this moving guide. Let’s start now!

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How to Plan and prepare when moving to Orlando?

Moving to any town needs a certain amount of planning. For some of our favorite moving ideas.

Moving Reminders:
Need to have your vehicle registered and apply for a state driver’s license from Florida.

Don’t forget to change the agreement on your insurance. Moving is a perfect chance, for a cheaper price to buy around.

Keep up to date with the latest news by reading the Orlando Sentinel, the city’s top publication.

Set your moving budget and find ways to save money on the expense of moving and relocating, which might mean forgoing skilled movers or donating things, so you’ve got less to carry.

During your move, store excess belongings by finding a Life Storage facility near you.

Moving to Orlando, FL?
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More About Orlando, FL

The population of Metro Orlando has risen to approximately 2.4 million people and consists of four Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties.

Current Orlando residents want you to know that living in Orlando is a lot more than the eye meets. Take it from Jenny Weimert, Realtor® and Team Leader for Weimert Community Realty, who knows something or two about the housing market in Orlando.

House Market

The cost of housing is sold at a premium while new housing is being constructed on a regular basis. The average house cost in Orlando is around $260,000, and depending on which area you want to live in, the median rent is around $1,600.

Orlando provides one of the best places in the country to transfer to in terms of affordability and the rising job market if you are searching for a new career opportunity. Not only is Orlando fast-growing and full of unique industries, but, according to US News and World Report, Orlando, in Central Florida, is #3 out of the 10 Best Cities for Jobs in 2019.

Job Market

So what does it look like in the job market? Orlando has a 4.2% rate of unemployment (as of March 2017) and is one of the fastest-growing job areas. In 2017, a survey conducted by found that:

Of the 135 companies surveyed, a total of 13,323 jobs are currently available, with another 24,300 jobs projected to open in the last three quarters of 2017.
39 percent of surveyed businesses suggest that recruiting would be higher this year than last
96% of businesses intend to employ at least one employee in 2017.
At present, 83 percent of businesses have open positions.
In 2017, 32 percent of businesses surveyed would employ 50 or more workers.

Moving to Orlando, FL is a choice that tens of thousands of individuals have decided to make year after year. Break down the population increase, and you’ll see approximately 138 people every day heading to Orlando. Will you be one of them?

Moving to Orlando, FL?
Here are the Best Interstate Moving Companies