Things You Should Know Before Moving to Oakland

June 3, 2024

Considering moving to apartments in downtown Oakland? Before moving to Oakland, read this first! As Oakland is a lively and energetic neighborhood on a steady rise, we can definitely see why. It’s the gem of the East Bay, so to speak, and it’s a city packed with sights, views, and plenty of other stuff to keep your attention in creating your best life.

Before you call the city home, though, there are a few things you may want to remember, so that you can hit the ground running on your arrival. Although it’s just across the bay from San Francisco, there’s a fair that you’ll certainly want to know about this town that’s a little different, and we have the important information right here just for you.

Moving to Oakland?
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Oakland Is Cost-effective
We’ve probably all heard about how rates continue to soar in San Francisco (there seems to be a news item on the topic just about every other day). However, Oakland is a little different, as median rents are only a fraction of what you will find around the Bay, and unlike some other areas, rates are usually at fair levels.

Better Weather in Oakland
You’ve probably heard of the “micro-climate” in San Francisco, and we can assure you that not only is it a reality, but compared to the weather you’ll enjoy in Oakland, it’s dull and dreary. The temperatures in Oakland are normally in the 60s or 70s, although they are across the river, wallowing in the fog and cold weather, making for a much more enjoyable year-round outdoor experience.

Oakland is Beautiful City
This isn’t just the architecture that we’re talking about either. There’s an enthusiasm for nature in Oakland and our magnificent green spaces that few other big cities can compete with. If you need evidence or some of the long stretches where the land meets the sea, and the landscape is oh so pristine, just look at examples like Lake Merritt.

They Truly Love Artists
It may possibly be an underestimate to suggest that Oakland is an artistic and cultural hotbed. For a long time, Oakland has been a champion of creative talent, viewing the world through a slightly different lens than others. Take a walk down just about any street in Oakland and you will see them in their element, or take part in one of the many cultural or artistic festivals in the area, and you will see (and enjoy) the full power of the influential artistic community!

You’ll need a spot in the city to call home now that you’re interested in what Oakland has to offer. In the heart of this magnificent community, few residences hold a candle to The Atlas, the high-rise enclave. Here, you’ll be right in the mix that makes Oakland great with the local community, yet simultaneously open to all the bigger wonders of the Bay Area.

Moving to Oakland?
Here are the Best Interstate Moving Companies

Take a fast drive to San Francisco and go deeper into the East Bay to enjoy the sights or head inland to see what these tight-knit Northern California communities often have to offer. When you’re here, it’s all a choice, and your adventures will take you as far as you want to be!