Relocation Guide: Moving to Jefferson County, KY

March 2, 2023

Relocation Guide: Moving to Jefferson County, KY

For new residents who hare having an idea of moving to Jefferson County, KY, and looking for Southern comfort and Midwestern convenience against a breathtaking backdrop of beautiful nature, Jefferson County, is an embracing city.

They find it convenient for moving to make themselves at home and they wouldn’t dream of leaving. One of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains, situated on the eastern banks of the Ohio River

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Guide Moving to Jefferson County, Kentucky

It is renowned for its beautiful nature and the world-famous Jefferson County Museum, has no lack of heritage or American culture. There’s plenty to see, hear, do, and taste in the city, from Museum and Factory to the booming art, music, and business indie scene, plentiful bourbon distilleries, and world-class cuisine. Residents love the range of four entirely different seasons, low housing costs, a healthy economy, and a range of work opportunities. Welcome to your new city of birth!

Housing Market

In Jefferson, KY, 59.7 percent of residents own their house. Considering that the median home value as of September 2019 is $162,800 for a single-family home, around $75,000 below the national average, that’s lower than you would expect. Home prices are continually climbing at the moment, keeping pace with the national property market.

For a one-bedroom apartment, the average rental rate is currently $972 per month, making the rental price about $500 less than the national average. In communities like Southside, Edgewood, Merriweather, and Camp Taylor, you will find outstanding deals amid increasing house prices.

Cost of Living moving to Jefferson County

The cost of living is lower than in most American cities, but overall, it comes with lower incomes. At $48,375, and $3,000 less than the national average, the median income, $57,278, is significantly higher than the median Kentucky state income.

The index for the cost of living in the city is 96.3, slightly lower than the average index of 100 in the US. Housing, groceries, insurance expenses, electricity, and miscellaneous costs are lower than the US average, such as maintenance, dining out, etc. At 118.5/100, the only expense that is higher than average is transport.

A single person living in Jefferson County can expect to get by on $2,682 per month based on Economic Policy Institute estimates, but a couple with two kids would need to bring in $6,283 a month or $75,400 annually to live comfortably.

Job Market and Economy

The stable development is keeping pace with similar-size towns. With an employment growth rate of 1.5%, the city’s economy is slowly trending upwards. In 2019, the unemployment rate, just above the national average, was 3.5 percent. Find a job in Jefferson, KY here.

Since the foundation of the city, shipping and freight have been the industrial mainstay. Drug manufacturing, solar panels, health care, medical sciences, high tech, and education are other major industries.

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