Relocation Guide: Moving to Chula Vista, CA.

March 2, 2023

Relocation Guide: Moving to Chula Vista, CA.

Moving to Chula Vista, CA? In the stunning Southern California city of Chula Vista, CA, business professionals, celebrities, students, and communities are all able to find relaxation and excitement. Whether you move for a job, more opportunities, or education, Chula Vista has something for all to give.

The location of more than 52 square miles of stunning scenery, including the coast of San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, foothill, canyons, and more than 60 parks and sporting facilities. Chula Vista means ‘beautiful view’ in Spanish. It’s easy to see why so many chose to live here, with an annual average elevated temperature of 72 degrees and an average of 261 sunshine days per year.

Chula Vista is located just seven and a half miles north of the Mexican border and seven and a half miles south of San Diego, home to major attractions such as the Discovery Center of the Living Coast, Aquatica, the large water park of Sea World and the fantastic San Diego Bay. The town is also the center of one of the most multicultural and healthiest economic regions in the world. So, whether you’re an outdoor lover, parent, pensioner, or professional, in your next chapter in Chula Vista, CA, you can find endless choices for things to do, see, and try.

Guide Moving to Chula Vista, CA

Around 268,000 people live in the second-largest city in the San Diego metro area. Chula Vista was ranked as the safest city in the San Diego metro area and the third safest in California by Wallethub.

Around 1887, the San Diego Land & Town Company constructed ten new houses in just two years to attract new settlers. Today, new residents are heading to Chula Vista for the ideal year-round weather, plenty of outdoor activities, and a stunning Southern California landscape, unfettered by high California living and housing costs.

Cost of living

Even when the cost of living in Chula Vista is heavy, it’s cheaper than most other California coastal areas. To compare transportation, lodging, groceries, utilities, and healthcare expenses, uses a cost of living index. For either of these groups, the national average index score is 100.

The overall cost of living index score in Chula Vista, CA is 163.5, somewhat a bit higher than the US average, and for the state of California as a whole, just marginally lower than the index score of 168.6. Housing with a score of 282.5, groceries at 108, services at 103, and transport with a score of 141.2 are some of the higher individual expenses. At 89, health expenses are below average. A family of four will need to raise at least $97,547 per year to live a moderate lifestyle in Chula Vista, according to the EPI Family Budget Calculator.

House Market

California is recognized for its luxurious housing. The median home price in Chula Vista is $486,900, more than twice the average home price in the US of $231,000, according to Renters, who make up 38 percent of the population of Chula Vista, pay higher rents than normal as well. records a monthly average rent of $1,644 for a one-bedroom and $2,133 for a two-bedroom as of August 2020.
There are many neighborhoods in Chula Vista where your money can go further, according to, the cheapest of which includes Otay Ranch, Fenton Street, and East Lake.

Job Market and Economy: Moving to Chula Vista

Although the Chula Vista unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, it is lower than the 3.9 percent US average. The median household income in Chula Vista is $66,110, quite a bit higher than the US average of $53,482, according to

The top industries include fitness, tourism, wellness, and sports research & development; advanced manufacturing, and IT, according to the City of Chula Vista website. Jobseekers should be lucky enough to find work in the fields of management, information systems, engineering, healthcare, and education.

Sharp Healthcare, UC San Diego, Subway UTC Aerospace Systems, and are some of the main employers in Chula Vista.

Check online career boards such as,,, and more, or work with an executive recruiter if you’re looking for work in Chula Vista. Be sure your resume is polished and up to date, regardless of the search tool you use.

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