Items Professional Movers Refuses to Move

June 3, 2024

Some items are restricted by government or law to transport by a professional movers. You don’t want your belongings gets ruined or lost. Call the moving company first is your first step to you know what are those items.

Items moving company’s refuses to transport.

Toxic Materials

Kerosene fuel, lighter fluid, charcoal, paint remover or similar materials are prohibited make sure to pack these items properly. Most of hazardous items refuses by moving company. No one wants explosion while traveling, believe me.

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Perishable Goods

Obviously, professional movers have no obligation with your perishable goods. It is better to give them away to your friends or to the helpers and enjoy snack together.

Fuel Powered Equipment’s

You need to drain out all fuel powered equipment’s within 24 hours. Example of this is lawn mowers, motorcycles and other similar equipment. They will refuse to these equipment without draining out fuel.

Valuable Objects or Cash

Valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations is irreplaceable. You better carry them by yourself because most companies only cover current market values if they lost them.

Your Best Friend

Some moving companies refuses to transport plants and pets, they only get transported with permits specially plants and animals that are sensitive to pest or travel sensitivity.

items movers refuse to transport

Most of these items refuses to touch by professional movers because of liabilities. These are common sense, consulting with moving companies before packing your items will save you time in the process.