Critical Steps to Hiring a Mover

March 6, 2023

Critical Steps to Hiring a Mover

Hiring a mover in 2022? Finding a reliable mover can be a difficult task. However, conducting some research is worthwhile. You may save money and prevent fraud by shopping around. The following are steps to guide you through the procedure.

Hiring a mover that suits your budget

Get connections

Local real estate brokers, friends, and coworkers are all good sources of information. Look in the phone book for a moving company with a location close to your home. You’ll want to get an estimate of how much your move will cost in person. Don’t trust any estimate given by someone who hasn’t looked through all of your closets. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that big-name companies are the best. Avoid getting quotes from websites that promise to “hiring a mover.” Instead, find the mover yourself and avoid the many frauds linked with some of these companies. Also, don’t utilize household-goods brokerage services to discover a moving firm for you because they aren’t subject to the same regulations as movers.

Perform a preliminary examination

When you’ve compiled a list of potential movers, conduct a fast background check online (you can do a more thorough check later). For further information, call or visit the Better Business Bureau’s website. You can also check if a moving company is a member by calling or emailing, which indicates it has committed to following the organization’s established tariffs and participating in its arbitration program. Membership in the AMSA is entirely voluntary. The fact that a moving business isn’t a member shouldn’t rule it out if everything else checks out.

At the very least, you should have three or four providers to call for a quote

Ask if the company will give you a written binding estimate or, better yet, a contractual not-to-exceed estimate if you’re going to another state. Both sorts of estimates set a limit on how much you’ll have to pay for your move. Nonbinding estimates are allowed, but they’re not legally binding in the United States. While interstate movers are allowed to charge for binding quotes, most will provide them for free. The weight of the objects you’re relocating and the distance of the relocation will determine the cost of your interstate move.

Show an estimator anything you want to be relocated in the closets, backyard, basement, and attic when he visits your house

If the foreman believes you have much more belongings than was calculated in your estimate on the day of your move, he might “challenge” the initial estimate (before everything is on the truck, not after). He can’t make you pay more, but he also doesn’t have to relocate your belongings for the original price. And you probably don’t have many other options at that time. Make sure the estimator is aware of any problems at your new property that could make the relocation more difficult, such as stairs, elevators, or a substantial distance between the curb and the nearest door.

Examine the estimate

The estimate may be a single document that serves as both an order for service and a bill of lading when signed by both you and the moving business representative. This is the basic paperwork that any mover should supply you with, along with an inventory list made when your goods are loaded. Make sure the words “written binding estimate” are visible at the top, as well as the mover’s signature and date at the bottom. For an interstate move, the estimate should detail the type and number of goods being sent, the distance to your new location, when your belongings will be picked up and delivered, and any additional services (such as packing) and supplies provided by the moving service.

You can now choose a mover

Any organization that has passed the following checks should give you confidence. Confirm your move’s dates and specifics, and request a signed order for service and a bill of lading.

Obtain a documented copy of the mover’s inventory list on the day of the move

Give the movers clear directions to your new house, and make sure you have a phone number where the movers can be reached during the relocation.