How to Prepare your Move during Coronavirus Pandemic?

September 17, 2020

How to Prepare your Move during Coronavirus Pandemic?

In order to guarantee everyone’s safety and health, If anyone on your family may have affected with corona or in an isolation due to coronavirus, make sure to inform your professional mover and explain all important situations.

Steps to prepare your move during the Coronavirus

You can cancel your moving schedule for everyone’s safety, make sure to ask your moving company how to management your cancelation.

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Everyone’s health is important. No one ones to get affected. If you are in a large group, postponed your move as soon as possible. Call your us to move your schedule after the corona pandemic is over.

Prepare soap, alcohol, paper towel and access to a sink during your move. Do not use or recycle old boxes if possible. It is not the safest time to buy used packaging or boxes.

Make sure to prepare foods, if you have not already purchased stocks for a couple of weeks or months. Stock up as soon as you can, especially the foods you eat on a daily basis.