College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving Cost

June 3, 2024

For junk removal, local movers, and even some long-distance moves, College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving services provide end-to-end ease. The name “Hunks” is an acronym for “honest, uniformed, nice, knowledgeable, service,” and customer reviews often note that each of the company’s members and movers exemplifies these values.

While College Hunks is great for local moves, its limited nationwide availability makes it unsuitable for most interstate trips. This shortcoming is compensated for by a long list of additional programs that you can add to your transfer or use even if you aren’t going.

College Hunks Services and Cost

Full-service junk removal is one of the main extras offered by College Hunks. College Hunks will assist you with the next junk removal project if you’re clearing out after a renovation, doing some spring cleaning, or simply tossing a few old appliances.

We believe College Hunks lives up to its name with all it has to do. The business operates as a community of fun and supports college students who can support you with any labor-intensive project around the building.


Estimates are given without commitment.
Packages that provide full-service relocation
A wide range of supplementary services is available.


There aren’t many interstate moving options.
Limited Availability


Many of the services provided by College Hunks are common for a large moving company, but a few of them are truly special.

What sets College Hunks apart?

Other Services

College Hunks Pricing

Cost for full-service relocation

Since College Hunks doesn’t list base rates for its moving services on its website—and because pricing varies by location—figuring out how much your relocation would cost is difficult. However, there is a lot of information available about the factors that go into College Hunks’ pricing, which will help you get a general idea of how much it would cost.

These can be divided into two categories:

Fees for the truck and travel

The truck and travel fees charged by College Hunks cover the cost of the truck, the time spent traveling, and the cost of gas consumed during the trip. These costs include any supplies (dollies, straps, etc.) used by the moving team to pack and carry your belongings.

The rate per hour

The hourly rate for services varies by franchise. In other words, your rate is determined by your location. It usually has a two- or three-hour minimum, and once you’ve reached that stage, your rate is prorated in 15- or 30-minute intervals.

When the hunks arrive and begin loading your truck, the clock begins to tick. The time spent commuting from your old home to your new one does not count against your hourly rate because the truck price covers time spent driving for local moving. The clock starts ticking again once the hunks arrive at your new home and begin unloading.

Cost of junk removal

As with every other moving business, the prices of College Hunks differ depending on the service and venue. We can give you a ballpark estimate of how much moving or junk removal with College Hunks would cost, but you’ll need to request a quote to get an exact figure.

The amount of space your junk takes up in a truck determines the price of junk removal. Junk removal rates, like moving prices, vary by venue, so the overall cost of your junk removal project will most likely differ from the averages we found.