Hidden Fees and Charges When Hiring a Movers

April 17, 2020

Hidden Fees and Charges When Hiring a Movers

When it comes to packing your house for a move, we all know that you basically have two options: pack things yourself (usually assisted by your best friend) or hire a professional packer to do it for you. Paying professionals for something you should be able to do for yourself is likely to tempt you to choose the first option, as you will end up saving good money. But when money is at stake, it is crucial to be prepared for whatever comes, and to be prepared for it is crucial.

Cost of Packing Supplies

Packaging can save money, but don’t forget to include the hidden costs of packaging materials in your budget. If you haven’t spent a fortune on duct tape and felt-tip pens, think about the money you need to buy gift wrap paper.

Remember that the cost of packaging materials is usually included in the packaging services of the leading full-service removals companies. You will most likely buy most of your packaging material yourself, but you should be able to get the boxes for free. According to the statistics, the average cost per box needed to pack the house is $60.

Furniture Disassembly Fee

If you have decided to transport a large piece of furniture from your home, you need to better protect it while traveling. While we have talked about the hidden costs of moving, there is also the fact that the decision to take large pieces of furniture can cause additional costs if the furniture has to be safely dismantled before it is ready for transport and loading into the removal van. After careful consideration, you should be willing to pay a professional furniture winder to disassemble it for safe transport.

You can ask a friend of yours for help dismantling the furniture, but don’t be surprised if the removal company charges you extra. Proper removal of furniture takes time and effort, so you should always choose not to move large furniture to avoid these often unexpected moving costs.

Express Charge Rates

Everyone knows that moving house is an expensive business, but there are extra costs that you may not think about. Remember that some household items are carried by professionals, which consumes more time, effort and energy during the move. Moving can be more expensive if you park near your home, or you may have to park on a float or in a parking lot or even on a building.

In larger cities, such as New York City, where parking is a constant problem, these surcharges are often higher. In order to avoid the additional costs of the removal companies, it is best to reserve a parking space for your moving car on the day of the move. You can also obtain a special parking permit from your city so that moving vehicles can stop as close to your house as possible.

If you want to deliver household items, you have to expect to pay more money in the form of an express delivery fee. Express delivery charges are hidden costs for transporting large distances and can cause you a lot of headaches.

The reason for consolidated deliveries is obvious: removal companies do everything they can to reduce transport costs. What you may not know is that there is another hidden price hidden in the fact that they tend to combine several shipments in a float or combine them in a float (provided there is enough space).

Discuss this with the removal company at the beginning of the preparation and assess the need for accelerated deliveries and plan the cheapest – most effective options.

Extra Stops Charges

If you ask the removal company to make additional stops to collect and drop off additional items along your removal route, you are entitled to pay for it. An additional fee for the exclusive use of swimming may not be necessary, but if you absolutely need it to fund the move, do not spend it. If you think you will have to pay extra for the move, this is because of a so-called extra hold-up. The amount of this additional “holding fee” depends to a large extent on the size of your property and the period you #
On average, you can expect to pay about $75 for each additional stop along the way, but the exact price can be much higher depending on the size of your property and the number of stops along your moving route, as well as other factors.

Ask a professional about any costs and expenses you may incur during your move, including the cost of the removal company’s services and any additional fees, fees or charges. Again, the best option is to minimize your moving costs and discuss additional costs (fees and charges) with the removal company before you agree to discontinue their services.

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