Effective Ways to Move Your Office Without Losing Productivity

March 8, 2023
Effective Ways to Move Your Office Without Losing Productivity

Moving your workspace can offer you a ton of opportunity and adaptability. In any case, working from a home office likewise implies that you bear the obligation regarding undertakings that would some way or another fall on your boss. These undertakings go from figuring out your expenses and your protection to getting together and shipping your gear during a move.

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Below, we show some help that can assist you with moving your workspace from your present house to your new home as productively as could be expected under the circumstances.

Moving Your Workspace Guide

Start as early as possible.
All things considered, your home office has different piles of significant documents, correspondence, and office supplies. Likewise, with any part of your home, you need to clean up and cut back or downsize your office as much as possible before the move. Expelling pointless or unused things and packing early will mean you have fewer boxes to move and that your new office will be increasingly streamlined.

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Put aside a particular timeframe only for home-office packing, ideally before you have to start getting different rooms in your home together. Utilize this additional opportunity to check records on your PC, shred sensitive materials, and document any loose documents.

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Alert your customers.
If you work straightforwardly with your customers, ensure that you convey your timetable to them as well as how to contact you if an issue arises. If you frequently address your customers through talk, chat, or video-chat discussions, you might need to give different types of notice to guarantee that everybody knows you are moving your workspace. For instance, you might need to send a structured email or customary letter and change your voice mail message to mirror the schedule changes. So, consider every contingency.

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Remember to give your clients your new location and any adjusted contact data when you come back to work.

Mix your work and move your schedule.
When you have thought of a time span for your move, make a timetable that merges your work routine with your moving schedule. Is there any urgent business that should be dealt with before you move? Shouldn’t something be said about your time traveling?

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On the off chance that it is conceivable, guarantee that any work that could approach your moving day should be possible from your cell phone or PC as opposed to your office hardware. Furthermore, give yourself time to unload before you hop back into your typical work schedule. You may require about fourteen days to unload everything.

Plan your new office in advance.
This undertaking will give you a break from the packing exercises (you may even have a great time with them!). Decide on the format of your new office space. In the event that it’s conceivable, stroll thru the room and take estimations before your containers are delivered. Guarantee that your current goods will fit into the space to make a utilitarian and welcoming workstation.

You might need to outline your planned format or utilize painter’s tape to stamp where your office furniture will go. This progression diminishes the importance of unloading your office and returning the space to its typical functions.

Utilize your current setup to your advantage.
As you get together, attempt to utilize your office arrangement in an innovative manner to rearrange the moving procedure. For instance, on the off chance that you continue composing utensils, clasps, and different supplies in a cabinet, you might have the option to make sure the drawers are shut and load up the bookshelf as it stands.

On the off chance that you’ve contributed time to sorting out a particular piece of your office, shrewd moving decisions can guarantee that you don’t need to experience the dreary procedure again in light of the fact that you changed areas.

Plan for heavy boxes.

A considerable lot of the things found in a home office, from decorations to books, can burden your moving boxes and make them hard to carry. Look for help with carrying, stacking, and emptying these things. Consider employing an expert moving company to deal with these overwhelming containers. While your relatives and companions might have the option to lift boxes brimming with business records, they may not know how to deal with bundles that are substantial and delicate, like your work area PC. Expert moving companies can guarantee that these things show up at your new home office securely.

Are You Planning to Move? Hire A Moving Company.

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The Right Things To Do for A Corporate Relocation

March 7, 2023
The Right Things To Do for A Corporate Relocation

Arranging a business move can be unpleasant, yet it’s conceivable to do it such that’s sorted out and productive with enough readiness. Your move doesn’t need to be a bad dream. Look at this manual for corporate moving and perceive how you can design your business move so it is as smoothed out and simple as could be expected under the circumstances.

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Normalize your Labeling

Make the move simple by naming and checking similarly. For office moving, make a rundown and imprint in the left section which floor the object will be moving to and mark as needs are. You can likewise indicate the room to which the item is moving, stamping in the center section. For example, a seat could be moved to your private office, the lights may go to the desk area. Allocate a number to each object you will be moving with the goal that you can keep everything sorted out.

Things with numerous parts ought to have various numbers allocated to each part. PCs and its accessories like wires, keyboards, and mice ought to be put in individual containers, each marked. It may seem like overkill, but this will help you to keep everything organized as well as accounted for.

Employees to the rescue

Every worker should make a list of the items they are moving and assign out each a number. Have them note the contents of everything and boxes and record their items and afterward tag and imprint them too.

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Spread out the Files

Your file organizers are likewise going to should be lightened of the records in them and it’s significant that they show up as well as can be set in the best possible area once they do. On the off chance that you have different file organizers, assign them each letter. At that point name and mark your documents. Place them into boxes and mark. File organizer should be in the corner that is farthest from the entryway to enable the movers to comprehend what grouping the records should be delivered in.

Use marks for the file organizers and write the floor and room. At that point number the drawers. Base or bottom cabinet is one, etc until you get to the top. With individual document boxes, you’re going to need to make matching label marks. Match the marks to the file organizer and cabinet. So for file organizer B with cabinet 1, the container mark will say B-1.

Make a point to look through what you’re moving and what is remaining. In case you’re figuring out things and see one that isn’t moving with you, put a name on it that says “do not move” Else, it may accidentally be gotten together and moved. Things that you need to discard ought to be named “move to trash”. That way, there’s no disarray about what’s staying, and what’s going. Rented things may likewise be marked “Rented” with the goal that they can be gotten by a renting agency without any problem.


Labeling is a significant piece of any business move. It might appear pointless excess to put names and labels on everything, except it’s vital on the grounds that your organization property will be showing up to another office and everything needs to get to the correct area securely. Ensure you have names and tag and imprint completely everything, making a corresponding list of your agenda so you know precisely what’s leaving and what should show up.


You can utilize these shaded or colored names to recognize all that you’re moving and color code various things for a definitive in the organization. It’s a smart thought to get a larger or labels than you might need you may require also need pins for sticking names or labels to furniture to abstain from utilizing glues or tapes which may leave marks.

Moving business items can be debilitating, and that is only the preparation stage! Business Relocation moving services can assist you with moving everything once the inventories are finished and everything is all set. On the off chance that you need an expert business moving assistance after all the labeling and marking is done,

We can help!

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Guides to Make Your Office Relocation on a Budget

March 6, 2023
Guides to Make Your Office Relocation on a Budget

How to make your office relocation on a budget? One of the most expensive things a business owner may face is relocating their workplace. Aside from the cost of furnishing your new office, there are several costs associated with the actual office relocation. So, how can you make sure you finish the move without going broke?

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Try decluttering first before starting the massive task of packing. Consider this: why spend money relocating old items that you no longer require? This is the ideal moment to get rid of any old furniture, outdated technology, or miscellaneous items that won’t fit in your new office.

Take Another Look at Office Location Services

Moving offices is also a good time to think about what services you’re paying for and whether or not you actually need them. Are you currently paying someone to come in and water the plants while your staff is more than willing to take turns? Are you overpaying for snacks when a local source may provide you with a better deal? Moving is a fantastic chance to get rid of or replace specific services that have been draining your budget for a long time, just like decluttering your equipment.

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Look into Moving Insurance

When you entrust someone with all of the equipment that keeps your company running, you want to know that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong while they’re on the road. Accidents and errors do happen, and you want to make sure you’re insured if any of your belongings are harmed. If you’re moving out of a shared location, you’ll want to make sure your movers are insured, since you don’t want to be held liable for any damage to other people’s belongings.

Compare Moving Quotes

Planning ahead of time for your move will help you receive the best deal possible. Compare estimates from several movers to see who provides the most value for money. When you find a quote you like, make sure you get it in writing and understand exactly what it means. This will avoid any last-minute bill shock or unethical behavior on the part of the mover. However, keep in mind that the cheapest quotation isn’t always the best; you’ll need to consider things like expertise and qualifications, and it’s pointless to hire a cheap mover if you can’t trust them!

If you have any outdated equipment that is still functional, you may be able to sell it to supplement your moving budget. Electronics, furniture, and decor could all make a lot of money.

Office Relocation on a Budget

Keep Your Electronics in Good Condition

When moving, cables and computers are two of the most vulnerable pieces of equipment. It’ll cost a lot of money to replace or repair any damage to these products, so it’s well worth it to look after your gadgets while you’re on the go. When it comes to how to box your electronics, pay attention to your movers’ advice, like computers and printers, in particular, require specific handling. Cables must be protected from fraying and ripping as well, so place them all in zipper bags to avoid damage.

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Notify Everybody Who Needs to Know About Your Workplace Relocation

One unusual strategy to make your office relocation on a budget is to be careful in updating your business address with the post office, bank, creditors, suppliers, and other organizations. This guarantees that you can continue to bill clients appropriately, that you don’t forget to pay any invoices, and that your supplies don’t go missing (thereby wasting your money). Keeping all of your contact information up to date online guarantees that new clients find you, which keeps the money coming in.

Do you need assistance with your office relocation? Moving offices does not have to be expensive. Being the premier office movers in the US, we can assist you in completing your business relocation on a budget. For any office relocation needs, please contact us at (866) 377-4741

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Unsuspected Difficulties Of Corporate Moving During Holidays

March 5, 2023
Unsuspected Difficulties Of Corporate Moving During Holidays

Although it is the most delightful time of the year, your stress level is at an all-time high during corporate moving holidays. Moving is always difficult, but the added stress of the holiday season makes everyone crave another cup of eggnog. It’s critical to understand how your business can prepare for a holiday season move, whether it’s a large or small one, from planning considerations to building requirements and moving company shortages.

WowMover is dedicated to making moving as simple as possible for our customers, and we look forward to assisting you this holiday season. We’d like to give you recommendations on how to avoid moving headaches based on our experience with numerous holiday transfers.

Considerations for Holiday Planning When Moving

Any company change requires planning ahead of time, but during the holiday season, planning much further ahead is critical. It’s a good idea to make a broad list of everything you’ll need to be transported and when you’ll need it done before making your moving arrangements. Your company will be able to set a realistic budget for the holiday move if these issues are kept in mind.

You may simply express expectations and restrictions to your hired moving company by understanding your company’s needs ahead of time, allowing them to make arrangements to match those expectations and make your moving experience as efficient and smooth as possible.

Building Requirements

It’s crucial to double-check the holiday hours, safety standards, and moving instructions for your building. Whether your organization is relocating to a new location or relocating equipment, it is critical to review the building’s holiday hours and restrictions.

Usually, a building’s management will require you to turn in appropriate paperwork in order to begin the move into your new office space or require paperwork to authorize the moving crew to access your space for the move. Aside from holiday hours and building moving requirements, it is also a good idea to relay the floorplan or any building accommodations to your moving crew so that they can prepare special equipment in advance to ensure a smooth moving process.

Knowing all of this information in advance will enable you to complete all of the essential activities prior to your move and create instructions and guidelines for your moving company to follow before, during, and after the move.

Corporate Moving

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A Shortage of Movers

Request your moving services ahead of time. In December and around the holidays, many businesses require moving assistance. Offices are slower, and many workers are on vacation anyway. That indicates your movers are in high demand. To ensure that your personnel is reserved, submit your requests as soon as possible.

A Stress-Free Moving Experience

Leave the work to a professional moving company during the hectic holiday season. We have a great team at WowMover that will execute and manage your transfer so there are no surprises. Our well-trained and experienced management staff will work with your business to assess its objectives, goals, budgets, and solutions for the holiday move, exceeding even your best expectations!

We’ve handled relocations for businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries, and we have the tools to make your transition go smoothly. We will notify you and send you an invoice once the relocation is complete, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

WowMover is here to assist you

WowMover has been helping business offices with corporate relocations for many years. We take pleasure in being the most experienced moving company in the United States. We’d like to assist your business with its holiday relocation!

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