Avoid Moving Scams with These Tips and Tricks

June 9, 2021
Avoid Moving Scams with These Tips and Tricks

You’ve probably figured out how to avoid some common frauds. We’ve seen enough credit card fraudsters and email scammers who want you to renew a car warranty you never bought to recognize them. What about moving frauds, though? Working with a moving company is undoubtedly unfamiliar territory for most people because they only use professional movers a few times in their lives. Fortunately, we keep our eyes and ears open all the time to distinguish the fantastic moving firms from the… not-so-great. Here’s how to avoid moving scams with a simple plan.

Don’t Rush Anything

Rushing through the process of hiring a moving company is the quickest way to fall victim to a scam. If obtaining a quote appears to be far too straightforward and quick, it most likely is! The moving firm should interview you extensively regarding your move. Then you should query them about their service! If a corporation tries to rush you through the contract signing process, you should be on the lookout for red flags abounding.

Look for Testimonials

Look for any complaints that seem serious on Yelp, Google, or the AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association). Keep an eye out for any language implying that the movers held a package hostage in exchange for additional money, or that valuables from the house or truck were stolen. A single complaint should be enough to make you suspicious; many complaints like this should make you flee.

Examine Their Credentials

Any company that transports goods across state lines must register with the DOT. Many larger, local businesses will also register in order to boost their credibility. That information should be easily accessible, either through their website or by contacting them directly. It is not necessary to register with AMSA, but it is a good indication that the company is reputable. These two are your best partners to avoid moving scams. Both the DOT and the AMSA keep track of complaints against the company, and in the case of moving scams, they can remove their certification.

Anticipate a Full and Comprehensive Estimate

A professional moving company should either require a comprehensive inventory of your complete home or a walk-through by one of their employees in order to provide you with an accurate price. Some companies will give you a quotation based on the size or number of rooms in your home, but chances are it will be inaccurate. Because you have “more freight than expected,” your ultimate bill will almost certainly be greater than the initial quote. Scams about moving often start with a low quote and finish with a huge bill.

Everything Should be Documented

Isn’t it true that if they don’t send you the fine print, you won’t be able to read it? Knowing about shocks ahead of time is the greatest approach to avoid them. Request that you receive the quote, as well as all of the terms and conditions, in writing by email. If anything is unclear, read them carefully and ask for clarification. If you see anything concerning extra fees, make sure you understand what they’re for.

document everything to avoid moving scam

Don’t Send Your Belongings in an Unmarked Truck

Don’t give your shipment to a moving firm that arrives in a rented or unmarked vehicle. Moving businesses may make arguments about not having enough fleet vehicles, but they must register their vehicles. Anyone could drive a rented automobile. It’s best to keep your possessions safe and submit a complaint, even if they threaten to take your deposit.

Expect Prompt and Detailed Communication

Your questions and conversations should be answered promptly and professionally by a well-run moving business. If you leave a lot of messages before getting a response, it could be a sign of how your business relationship will develop in the future. Choose a business that communicates well, and your moving day will be much less stressful.

Always Go with Your Gut

If something doesn’t feel right, it most likely is, There are plenty of excellent moving companies nowadays. Allowing oneself to be pressured into choosing one that doesn’t seem right is a bad idea. Start looking for another quote if your intuition tells you to move on and avoid moving scams.

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