Storage Facility Qualities To Look For Before Moving Things

June 2, 2022
Storage Facility Qualities To Look For Before Moving Things

Storage Facility Qualities To Look For Before Moving Things: In spite of the fact that you might be anxious to get your things put someplace safe, there are a few things you should remember while looking for a storage facility.

In particular, there are five key attributes, or characteristics, that you should search for in a storage company or facility – openness, comfort, security, atmosphere control, and neatness.

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Availability is one significant factor to consider when you’re considering moving your assets into a storage unit. Evaluate the things you need to store and figure out how regularly you’ll be getting to the unit – will it be on a week-by-week premise or occasionally? Contingent upon the storage you decide to work with, you might be constrained and just access units during specific hours, however, there are likewise offices that permit access to units all day, every day.

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Storage close to me offers different highlights that improve the comfort of getting to and controlling units. Units with drive-up get to are profoundly helpful, as you can stack and empty without any deferrals, and you may likewise have the option to deal with your record utilizing an online service or application. You can likewise ask about pontoon, vehicle, and RV storage choices.


Security is profoundly significant with regards to storage units, as your things should be shielded and remained careful from damage and abominableness. A decent, solid lock proves to be useful, however, you ought to likewise take a look at how the office itself attempts to keep your things ensured. A few offices have dividers around the border, electric fences or entryways, and video surveillance cameras, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Storage Facility Qualities To Look For Before Moving Things

Climate control.

Storage units with climate control are perfect for people that desire to store things that are touchy or sensitive to temperatures and variances in moistness. You should take a look at the things you wish to keep away and make sense of the fact that they are so vulnerable to harm because of temperatures – books and wooden things, similar to instruments, may require climate control while a few things may not.

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In the event that you are putting away your things in storage, it’s basic to take a look at the degree of neatness the company maintains. You can see the units before consenting to any arrangements or agreements, so request to see empty units and ask about cleaning and maintenance plans that are set up for these units. When you realize that the office keeps its units clean, you can feel more certain about leaving your things in their hands

Frequently Asked Questions

Who else can store it in my storage unit?

The unit that you lease will be yours to bolt and open – you control the lock also the key, so no one but you can enter and leave the unit. Some storage units will just offer access to people that are included in your tenant contract. You may likewise give your unit data and key to somebody you trust – they will at that point have the option to enter your unit.

To what extent would I be able to lease a storage unit?

At most storage facilities you can lease a unit for as long or as meager as you’d like except if you sign an agreement or some sort. Numerous storage facilities offer month-to-month storage alternatives while others permit you to lease a unit for as long as many years at a time.

Looking for a reliable storage facility?

We can help you find short-term and long-term storage facilities near you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Storage Unit in 2022

March 14, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Storage Unit in 2022

What is a Storage Unit? An apartment-like building but its rooms look like garages also known as interstate moving and storage units. You rent a unit and pay it monthly. These units are used only for the sake of storing stuff, you cannot live here but you can use them as a temporary workshop.

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After dealing with the best moving companies. Imagine you have just arrived at your new home, not too long after, the moving truck arrives and unloads all your belongings. As you take them inside, you suddenly remember that you can’t put them all inside- you downsized. Where do you put them temporarily?

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storage unit

Kinds of Storage Unit

Depending on your area, you can find different kinds of storage units. In urban areas, indoor storage facilities are common for the reason that they save more space, and can accommodate more than their counterpart. However, the downside on this kind of storage is that putting your stuff inside requires you to carry it. You cannot drive your car since it is compact and has little space to work with. The other one is the drive-up access. These are more common in rural areas since space isn’t an issue there. Here you can drive your vehicle near the unit you rented and you can easily drop all the stuff you need to leave.

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What are the Qualities of a Good Storage Facility


The price depends on many factors, size of the unit, season, location, security, and amenities. Of course, the larger unit will be more expensive than smaller ones. There are times that storage units are in demand and prices are affected as well, for example in winter, where you cannot leave your stuff hanging around your garden along with your jet ski.

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Populated areas with smaller houses and apartments also have pricier storage units. Add to that a security camera and guards that monitor the place then prices will increase a little more. Lastly, a unit equipped with climate control will protect your belongings from harsh weather conditions, and yes, it comes with a price. All in all, these storage units vary in features. So if you have time to spare, then wander around and pick the one that satisfies your belongings’ needs. This way, you don’t get to spend money on storage more than the stuff that you put inside.

Difference Between Full Service Storage And Self Storage Units

In the event that you’ve searched for storage recently, you may have seen that there now various sorts of storage to look over. To start with, there is the style of storage you’re presumably progressively acquainted with — Self-Storage. In any case, there now supposed “Full-Service” storage activities. Yet, which is directly for your circumstance? Find out about each kind below and choose for yourself.


Self-Storage is undoubtedly the kind of Storage you’re generally acquainted with. You’ve most likely observed them along the expressway with a great many columns of painted garage doors. These are what are known as “drive-up access” storage units. At the point when self-storage initially appeared, these units were the main sorts accessible. In any case, as the business developed, organizations acknowledged different clients favored storage units that were temperature-controlled and shielded from the elements.

In this way, they started assembling storerooms that offered both indoor storage units and the previously mentioned drive-up style units. Both indoor storage units and drive-up get to storage units arrive in an assortment of sizes running from as little as 5 x 5 to as extensive as 12 x 30. The expense for an average 5 x 5 storage unit can extend from $29 to $89 depending upon the market.

In the wake of deciding the size of the storage unit you need and what will oblige your spending plan, you carry your belongings to your storage unit by means of your very own transportation (vehicle, pickup, van), or you lease a moving truck. On the off chance that you have one of the drive-up style storage units, you would park your vehicle in front of your unit and unload your assets into the unit.

In the event that you have an indoor unit, numerous offices have a secured and covered loading and unloading areas that you would leave your vehicle at. You would then utilize carts to move your stuff from your vehicle to the facility’s cargo lift, and afterward, unload your belongings into your unit. Clearly, with the self-storage sort of arrangement, it helps with having loved ones to get you out in the event that you’re moving an entire house worth of stuff.

With most self-storage, rentals are month-to-month so you are not dedicated to any drawn-out agreement. Most will charge you for a lock in the event that you don’t give your own. You’ll additionally need to pay for protection inclusion insurance if your mortgage holder or rental protection covers storage rental, which many do. A few companies additionally charge a one-time administrator expense or fees that range between $25-$50 to take care of the expense of getting you to put in their system and the related paperwork.

These facilities typically have access hours from promptly in the first part of the day until late around in the evening. Some offer 24-hour access, while a minority of offices are by arrangement or appointments as it were.

Some storage offers temperature-controlled storage units, which means the temperature and humidity level are kept inside controlled levels. Others offer heated or warmed storage units where your assets remain safe throughout the winter months.

It’s a smart thought to go to the facility that you’re considering storing at so as to visit it and get a direct look at the unit conditions and the upkeep of the property. Likewise, ask with respect to the degree of security. At top of the line tasks, you’ll see that they’ll have 24/7 video surveillance cameras, individual key code access at all entry section, and cut-proof bolts on their storage units.

Full-Service Storage Unit

There are full-Service storage companies, also called on-demand storage. These activities will get, store, and return or deliver your stored items on demand

Depending upon the plan of action, a few organizations will pack up your possessions for free or for a little fee. With others, you are liable for packing up your own things. For bigger things, for example, furniture, clients should consider wrapping these in a protective air pocket or bubble wrap. Some full-service may likewise offer free bin and boxes while others charge for boxes and packing supplies. Different organizations give bins to use to free, yet these must be returned inside a certain time span to abstain from being charged for them.

When you have your crates and different things all set, you have to plan an arrangement to have the company get them. depending upon the company, the pickup date can run anyplace from a day to seven days out from your call. Expenses for this underlying pickup extend from $200 with extra hours charged at an hourly rate.

Once on the location, the company will stock the contents of each case and thing and take a photo of it. When this is entered into their computer system or database you can sign in to your account and inspect the stock inventory to really see what you’ve put away by means of the photos.

Your things are then stored at the companies stockrooms or warehouse. This can be located in a similar city or it maybe 20-30 miles away relying upon the city.

On the off chance that you have to recover a few or the entirety of your things, you’ll have to plan or schedule a delivery date and time. Similarly, as with the pickup, this date can extend up to a week. Expenses for deliveries may fluctuate, with certain companies offering one free delivery for every month while others charge for delivery. Delivery of bigger things, for example, furniture is regularly an additional expense.

with storage costs concerns, this will shift depends upon the market you’re in. Urban communities, for example, some cities have the most significant higher expenses, while different parts of the area are less.

Advantages and disadvantages of Self-Storage versus Full-Service Storage

Self Storage Unit



Full Service Storage Unit



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Long-Term Storage Frequently Ask Questions

January 31, 2022
Long-Term Storage Frequently Ask Questions

Long-Term Storage Frequently Ask Questions: You probably have a lot of questions if you’re like the majority of individuals who are thinking about long-term storage. It’s a question that I’m not sure how to answer. What is the procedure? Is it a good fit for you? We’ve put the answers to the following long-term storage commonly asked questions (FAQs) in this article:

What is long-term storage?

You can store items for a longer period of time, usually longer than three months, in long-term storage containers. Providing space for excess goods such as outdoor gear, hobby materials, and other possessions, it’s a great solution for folks who want to organize or downsize their houses. For certain life events, such as relocating, traveling overseas, and other times of change, long-term storage is especially popular.

What can I keep in my long-term storage (and what can’t)?

Furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, clothing, books, musical instruments, electronics, papers, household supplies, artwork, memorabilia, and other valuables can all be stored in long-term storage containers. High-value jewels, irreplaceable things, toxic products, perishables, and odor-producing objects are among the items you should avoid.

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Should I choose long-term storage facilities that are climate-controlled?

Choose a climate-controlled unit to safeguard sensitive goods like artwork, antiques, furniture, electronics, pictures, books, or CDs from harm. On our blog, you may learn more about which items require climate control.

When it comes to long-term storage, what should I consider packing first?

Make sure your items are clean and dry before putting them in storage. To avoid trapping excess moisture, store the boxable objects in cardboard boxes rather than plastic bins. Then, with a strong seal and a label, label the boxes. Finally, use a moving blanket, tarp, or sheet to protect furniture, appliances, and other large things when storing them.

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Long-Term Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Will my belongings be safe?

When it comes to long-term storage, a storage facility’s security is a must-have feature. Some useful security elements to consider include advanced security systems, unit door alarms, and sensor-driven lighting. Our thorough screening approach for new candidates, which requires six points of identification, goes even farther in terms of security.

What are the long-term storage payment options?

Month-to-month lease arrangements are common in long-term storage units, such as ours. In addition, we make it simple to pay with cash, checks, credit cards, and money orders, as well as with online and automatic payments.

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What is the best long-term storage solution for my unit?

It is easier to find your things and safeguard them from damage in a well-organized long-term storage container. To discover more about effectively arranging your long-term storage unit, such as building strong shelving, check out our blog’s easy storage unit organization recommendations.

Is it possible for me to access my items?

Yes, items that have been stored for a long time will be entirely accessible. To make it even easier for you to drop off and pick up your belongings whenever it works best for you, look for facilities with convenient hours and locations.

What should I look for when it comes to long-term storage?

Consider other appealing elements in a long-term storage facility that give it a pleasant vibe, such as cleanliness, ambient music, hot coffee, and friendly personnel, in addition to the many facilities discussed in this piece. These little extras make a big difference!

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Guide for Choosing a Storage Unit

December 13, 2021
Guide for Choosing a Storage Unit

Looking for a new place to call home? The alternative you have is to rent a storage unit, so here’s a guide for choosing a storage unit. These containers can store various items, from small kitchenware and books to full-sized mattresses and vehicles. It all depends on what you want to store or move to a different location. There are a variety of storage units available, each with its own useful value and function. Here is a storage unit size guide to assist you in selecting the most appropriate unit for your needs.

The Different Types Of Storage Units

In general, there are three sorts of storage units based on the size and type of items to be stored. Other criteria that differentiate storage facilities include accessibility, indoor or outdoor, and the current climatic conditions. In addition, the market provides customized storage units based on your needs.

The three fundamental types of storage units are as follows, in order of size:

We recommend the following steps for choosing a storage unit:

  1. Determine whether your storage unit will be used for storing or transporting items to another area.
  2. Make a list of everything you’ll need to store in the storage unit.
  3. Use the storage unit size guide below to determine the ideal storage unit.

Storage Units of Significant Size

Unit Size: 10’x20′
A single large storage unit is the appropriate answer if you need to relocate quickly or have an entire household’s worth of items to move. Even if you are renovating your home, you may store all your belongings in one massive unit. This may be a better alternative than combining several smaller units.


Common Items in the Storage Unit

The Unit’s Most Common Applications

Recommendation for Moving Truck

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Medium-Sized Storage Containers

Medium-sized apartments is ideal for folks who require flexibility, especially during life transitions like moving to a new location or upgrading their house. You want things to go well as you start a new chapter in your life. What better method to store and transfer your goods and home decor than with medium-sized storage units?

Unit Size: 5’x15′

This closet is considered an extended walk-in closet and is an upgrade from the 5’x10′ closet. Like the last one, this storage unit can be used to keep belongings in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Of course, because of its larger size, you’ll have more storage room to use on a wet day. Furthermore, this storage container can comfortably accommodate a king-sized bed. As a result, you won’t need an extra unit to store or move a huge bed.


The Unit’s Most Commonly Stored Items

Common Uses Of This Unit

Moving Truck Recommendation

Storage Units for Small Items

Small storage units are great for storing holiday decorations or objects that are seldom used. Smaller units are the perfect option if you need to make some more space in your bedroom or home.


The Unit’s Most Commonly Stored Items

The Unit’s Most Common Applications

Truck Recommendations

choosing a storage unit

The Importance of Self-Storage Units in Relocation

When it comes to moving from one location to another, storage and transportation go hand in hand. It would be easier for the moving company to carry your belongings to your desired location if they were organized and separated into multiple storage facilities. Who doesn’t want flexible, easy storage, even if they aren’t moving? Storage containers can aid in almost any situation, from college students to families rebuilding houses. Their adaptability makes life easier for you, and advanced features like climate-controlled storage are ideal for high-end things that require specific storage.

Final Word

Companies nowadays tend to offer a wide range of storage units to meet various storage needs. As a result, you won’t have to stress selecting the perfect storage unit. What you should be concerned with are the items you need to store. Choosing a storage unit will be a piece of cake once you’ve made a list of things to store and obtained the necessary packing materials. You may always use our storage unit size chart to help you make the best choice!

Reasons Why Americans Are Renting a Moving Storage

July 14, 2021
Reasons Why Americans Are Renting a Moving Storage

In the last ten years, Moving Storage or self-storage has exploded in popularity in the United States. The explanation for this is straightforward supply and demand. People’s needs to store their stuff, either temporarily or permanently, are growing as their circumstances change. The top reasons why Americans are renting more moving storage units than ever before are listed below.

Seasonal Storage Requirements

As the practice of decorating for each holiday grows in popularity, so do the massive quantities of decorations that must be stored while not in use. People are increasingly renting storage containers to store their surplus belongings. Patio furniture, fire pits, umbrellas, outdoor bars, and other lawn and garden accessories fall under this category. Keeping items in a climate-controlled moving storage unit extends their life by keeping them at a consistent temperature.

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Creating Space

There’s only so much stuff that can fit in a house before it becomes claustrophobic and cluttered. There may be goods that you don’t want to get rid of but don’t have the space to retain in your home during the cleaning process. Rather than throwing things away, consider renting a storage container. You’ll have a cleaner, more presentable home while still having access to your belongings when you want.

In short, storage containers provide solutions to many of today’s space problems. Rather than having to part with their belongings and mementos, people may keep them safe and secure in their homes for short or extended periods of time while freeing up space.

Reasons Why Americans Are Renting a Moving Storage

The Vagabond Way of Life

People in the United States are traveling more these days. It’s the new normal to spend more time away from home, whether for work or pleasure. According to the report from Statista,  464 million domestic business trips in 2019. People are electing to put valuable belongings in storage facilities rather than leaving them in an unattended home for long periods of time. This provides them with the security they require as well as the convenience they desire.

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People are downsizing from their large houses into smaller spaces for a variety of reasons, including their children moving off to college or life events such as job loss. With this comes the question of what to do with all of the belongings that won’t fit into a townhouse, condo, or apartment’s limited square footage. While some people choose to sell their extra items at garage sales or donate them to charity, others choose to store at least a portion of their goods in storage lockers. This offers them the option of bringing these goods out of storage in the future when they move back into a larger home or giving them to family members when the time comes.

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We’re a collectors’ paradise. In truth, we’re all collectors to some extent, whether it’s photographs, baseball tickets, children’s artwork, or the more serious collectors who collect stamps, baseball cards, novels, or a million other things. Some people collect these artifacts for leisure, whether it’s to relive childhood memories or to show their support for a favorite artist. Others collect to expand their social circles by attending swap meets and garage sales where they can meet like-minded people. All of this collecting, however, comes at the expense of space in the house, garage, attic, or basement.

Collectors will then proceed to a storage facility. Several clients are great collectors, and some of them rented more than 5 storage units, all of which were packed with collections of goods.

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Key Considerations When Renting A Storage Unit

January 13, 2021
Key Considerations When Renting A Storage Unit

A sensible alternative is to rent a storage unit if you’re running out of room in your home or office. Here are some instructions to ensure that you get the correct storage unit and that the features you are looking for are offered by the storage facility.

Not All Storage are The Same

You might still have an idea of what they are if you’ve never rented a storage unit before. The storage units at their base are enclosed spaces for storing your belongings in a clean, dry environment. But in terms of customer care, cleanliness, and security measures, you will be shocked at the broad chasm between facilities. While the price is always a factor, in comparison to having your things stolen or damaged, saving a few dollars each month will pale.

Choosing the Correct Storage Unit Size

If you’ve determined that a storage unit is a good idea, determining the size is the next step. Although your initial storage may be things that just won’t fit into the garage or basement, consider other items that may be better kept in your storage unit that reside in your house. Stuff like decorations for holidays that are used only at a certain time of year. In addition, products such as lawn furniture and equipment for the yard.

Furthermore, you may not only want to decide what you want to store today, but you should try to predict what needs to be stored down the road. Will you be downsizing any time soon, for example? You may have additional furniture and other things that you want to hold, but you won’t have room for them.

storage units

Location the Storage FAcility

Both the location of the storage facility itself as well as the location of the unit at the facility when we say location. You may be tempted to rent from a storage company that is nearest to your current home with regard to the location of the facility. While convenient, the facility can not have the characteristics you really want. A better plan is to expand the diameter of your quest to include facilities within half an hour of your house. The truth is, every day, week, or even month, you will most likely not be visiting your moving storage unit. You can also find one that provides better facilities at a lower price by expanding your search.

When you identify the location of the storage facility, find out where you want your unit to be in the facility. If the unit should be indoor or outdoor is the first decision. One that is housed inside the storage unit building is an indoor unit. They are accessible through an indoor corridor and are situated on the first, second, or even third levels, with elevator access to the upper floors.

The benefits of indoor units are that they are easier to enter, and your belongings would be safer from the weather as well as preserved year-round at a reasonably uniform temperature. The drawbacks are that loading and unloading objects, especially large items such as furniture, may be more difficult for you. Your hours of access may also be slightly more limited.

Outdoor units are those which are normally reached by driving up to them. The profit is the ease of loading and unloading directly into them. Outdoor unit sizes can also be larger than indoor units. These modules, however, are not quite as cozy as their counterparts indoors. And in the rain, snow, or other weather problems, you might find yourself having to move objects.


If you felt there was a risk your things would be stolen, you wouldn’t rent a storage unit, right? Well, with cut-rate storage firms, this occurs all too frequently. Identifying businesses that use the new security measures is what you want to do.

Do they feature the whole facility’s security system, indoors and out? Ask questions about how long the video is stored and how it is recorded.

Find out what kind of access system they use, as well. Ideally, you’ll want a facility that provides access to either fingerprint sensors or custom pin-code. These types of entry systems allow exactly who enters and exits and when to be monitored by the storage facility. Some facilities also have units that are individually notified for added protection.

Inspect the facility’s perimeter fencing. Does it go all over the floor? Is there any harm that might make access possible?

Finally, what kind of locks are located on the storage units themselves? Usually, there are three kinds of locks you’ll find on storage units. The typical padlock comes first. These can be quickly cut using bolt cutters while being inexpensive. Next, there are locks for discs.

These are similar to padlocks, but feature smaller, more difficult to cut, angled shackles. Then you’ve got cylinder locks, similar to the deadbolt lock used on the front door of your house. This is the most safe lock available, mostly because bolt cutters can not be used to cut it. The best advice is to check for a storage facility providing this kind of lock.

Look for storage for heated or climate-controlled

Most storage facilities sold only unheated storage units in the olden days of the storage industry. These units were also not usually insulated, meaning that your belongings were exposed to temperature and humidity extremes, which could be very dangerous to objects such as appliances, antiques and other items, depending on what you kept.

There are several higher-end installations today that provide either heated storage units or climate-controlled units. During the winter months, heated units hold the temperature up. They are also usually insulated so that within the unit, temperatures will not get too high during the summer months. Climate-controlled units are those that are year-round, thermostatically regulated to a constant temperature. This is the way to go if you have fragile objects.

Units that are made of steel are another thing to look for. Wood framing and drywall storage units absorb humidity and odor. These will enter your belongings finally, degrading them.

Visit the Facility

In reality, the best way to decide what you really get is to go to the facility you’re thinking about and ask to be shown around. There will be competent, friendly workers in a good storage company who will be more than happy to give you a full tour and answer all your questions. That can be a fair indicator of the type of service you are likely to get after you have rented, if you get a staff member who appears disinterested or irritated with questions you ask.

Ask to see the actual storage unit that you will rent or at least one on or in the same location on the same floor. This way, you will begin to imagine what it would be like to move your things in and out and be able to measure the necessary effort.

Ask other questions, such as what access and office hours are, whether the units are regularly monitored for water leakage, and what kind of pest control they use. Believe it or not, rodents have a major issue with certain storage facilities. In one of these, you certainly don’t want to store your valuables.


Check the storage facility feedback that you’re considering. Make sure to do it, whether you do it first or last. Read not just the feedback on the company’s website, but the Yelp and Google reviews. You’ll be able to get a better picture of what clients think of the facility by reading feedback on various pages.


Many storage facilities demand that you keep insurance in your unit for the contents. To see if your homeowners or renter’s insurance covers your goods in storage, you’ll want to check with our insurance provider. If not, via the storage business itself, storage insurance would almost invariably be available.

The benefits of using the insurance of the storage company are that it is usually very inexpensive, often covers rodent damage and transit items, and often comes with no deductible, while if you make a claim with the insurance of your homeowner, you will first have to pay your deductible and then run the risk of upping or cancelling your insurance.

Payment and Lease

Determine what the leasing policy of the company is. Do they sell month-to-month no-deposit leases or last month’s rent? Are you liable for the whole month if you quit in the middle of the month? A good facility would allow you, without a long lease agreement, to rent from month to month. If you leave mid-month, if proper notice has been issued, you will not be charged for a full month’s rental.

Know when payments are due, about the late payment policy of the company, and the methods of payment. In order to make paying your bill quick, some storage companies offer direct pay options as well as online bill pay.


Storing your belongings has come a long way in a storage facility. With so many storage choices out there, to ensure you get the storage you want and need, it’s important to do your homework.

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