Should You Take Your Appliances When You Move?

June 9, 2022
Should You Take Your Appliances When You Move?

Is It Worth To Moving Appliances When Relocating? It has built-in speakers, temperature-controlled doors, sliding shelves, and an ice cream machine. You’re hopelessly in love with your new refrigerator and can’t fathom your life without it. The issue is that you’re moving, and the fridge doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Moving appliances is difficult, and the larger they are, the more difficult it is to move them. So, which appliances should you bring with you when you move, and which should you leave for the next lucky person?

Moving is difficult; parting with your high-end appliances can be much more difficult. We at WowMover know a thing or two about moving appliances, so we thought we’d share some tips on which ones should stay, which ones should go, and which ones aren’t worth the trouble.

Which Appliances Are Worth Taking?

So, which appliances are really worth it? Here’s the truth about the home appliances we love and the ones we might have to say goodbye to.

Moving Large Refrigerators

You’ve probably figured out that your refrigerator isn’t exactly a shoo-in for the moving truck by now. However, the explanation behind this may surprise you. While our refrigerators appear to be tough, they are actually rather delicate, and it’s highly unlikely that they will arrive at their destination undamaged. You can, however, increase your chances by taking the necessary safeguards.

Getting an Air Conditioner Moved

Air conditioners are probably the holy grail of appliances, in that they are highly sought after, highly prized, and difficult to reinstall. Unfortunately, if you want to carry one with you to your new home, you’ll have to do just that. Relocating your air conditioner might cost anywhere between $500 and $750, including components and labor, depending on the distance traveled. As a result, it is a costly moving truck passenger. If you’re attempting to save money on moving, you might want to leave the air conditioning to the future owner.

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Relocating a Dishwasher

When is it not handy to use a dishwasher? When you’re trying to get them to move. Yes, as difficult as it may be to believe, these helpful, convenient household appliances may be a hindrance when transporting them.

Should You Take Your Appliances When You Move?

Washing Machine Moving

The washing machine, while not as delicate as the refrigerator, has a flaw in its drum. You’ll also need to replace the transportation rods that came with your washing machine in order to keep the drum immobile during transit. Consult your owner’s handbook or the people at the store where you got it if you’re not sure how to do it. You might also wish to enlist some assistance because washing machines are quite heavy.

Moving Your Appliances Could Be Beneficial

Although you are not required to leave your appliances behind, doing so may help you sell your property faster. Because they generally do not have their own appliances, first-time homebuyers opt for homes that are completely equipped. Also, buyers would prioritize your property above similar-priced homes if they see it fully equipped with the latest equipment in excellent shape. Also, make sure to include your appliances in your listing. Your realtor can assess your home depending on the state of your appliances and help you sell it for more money.

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We take care of moving your appliances so you don’t have to

Okay, so your appliances have a special place in your heart, and the prospect of abandoning them is too much for you to handle. Just don’t say WowMover didn’t tell you about the difficulties you’ll face if you decide to relocate them. We’ve relocated a lot of appliances ourselves, and we can assure you that it’s not a job for the faint of heart or the weak of will.

Fortunately, at WowMover, we have the skills and years of experience necessary to transfer your appliances with ease. We’ll dismantle what needs to be dismantled, connect what needs to be connected, transport it to your new home without causing damage, and then reverse the process once we’ve arrived.

WowMover will put together a bespoke package based on your budget and needs, whether it’s only an appliance that has to be moved or a full-service moving.

Contact us today for a free moving quote, and we’ll get you started on the right track.

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February 28, 2022
Moving Tips: Best Way to Prepare Large Home Appliances

Moving out is unquestionably not a drop in the bucket. It requires appropriate arranging and works power to get it going. The first thing you would stress over getting securely to your new home will be your furnishings – the large ones, the heavy ones, and the most fragile ones and which is all well and good. In any case, these are by all account not the only things that require cautious taking care of during a move.

Household appliances are fragile and overwhelming to move around. They can easily get harmed or lost. Here are a few hints for moving significant family household appliances, to guarantee their security.

Tools you will need

Washing Machine and Dryers

Separate the washer and dryer from its power source and drain its funnels and inner parts altogether. Clean the inside of the machine with clean material and let it dry. Pull the hoses behind the clothes washer or washing machine and wrap it with a rope so it doesn’t fall off lose during the move.

In the event that your clothes washer accompanies transportation bars to fix its drum in one spot during any development, at that point immobilize the drums so they don’t get harmed due to vibrations and shocks. Spread it with a moving cover and spot it on the moving cart.

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Moving Kitchen Oven

Moving gas appliances can be perilous on the grounds that there is consistently an opportunity of imprudent or careless handling of gas funnels and pipes. The main thing you have to do is bring in experts to unplug your gas line from the oven and turn off the gas supply from its source.

Clean the oven altogether and evacuate its glass sheets and racks. Put bubble wraps and fold over the glass sheets to shield them from being harmed and placed the parts in a different cardboard box.

wrap the oven by a moving cover or a moving blanket and carefully put it on a moving cart. When you have arrived at your new area, call an expert professional to reconnect the oven and gas line for you.

Moving the Fridge

Start with disengaging the fridge from its power supply, a day prior to the move. When it has been detached, unload all the contents of the cooler and clean it from inside so if any buildup remains, it doesn’t begin stinking while the ice chest is separated. It is better to consume all the edibles stored inside it, rather than getting it together in light of the fact that odds are it will spoil away particularly if the climate is hot or muggy.

Upon the arrival of the move, seal the cooler door with a stretch tape or any tying material so it doesn’t swing open during the travel and get free. At that point, wrap up the connection line and pull it at the rear of the refrigerator, in order to guard it during the move. When everything is taken care of, wrap the refrigerator with moving cover and bind it with ropes all around to make sure about it.

When it is made sure about, load it on the cart and keep the ice chest in an upstanding situation without inclining it on any of the sides. This will keep oil from the blower from spilling into cooling channels of the fridge.

When you have arrived at the new area, set your ice chest in its position. Don’t plug it back in for at least two days so the inside oil can settle.

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