Military PCS: The Complete Moving Guide

November 30, 2022
Military PCS: The Complete Moving Guide

Most military moves are conducted through the DPS system. In these cases, the transferred members of the organization do not have to worry about moving themselves. However, in rare cases, service personnel must initiate and complete their own movements.

If this applies to you and you live in basic accommodation, please review the following special considerations when moving: Military families have special considerations when moving before moving Your move provides a certified TSP, and you have the right to move on your own.

Some final thoughts: Keep all paperwork in a safe place. If you have any questions, please contact your consultant and stay as positive as possible! Wowmover cooperates with military families across the country. If you have any questions about our special features when moving, please call us at (833) 554-3260

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The Defense Personal Property System (DPS) system is used for the majority of military moving. The moving service member does not have to think about coordinating his or her own relocation in these situations. In certain situations, however, the service member must initiate and complete their own transfer. If you are in base housing and this applies to you, please check the following special considerations before moving:

Military Moving

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Final thoughts

Keep all of your papers in a safe and secure location, contact your counselor with any questions, and maintain a positive attitude if at all possible! WowMover assists military families all over the United States.

Call our military movers if you have any concerns about our special considerations while traveling.

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