How To Prepare For A Residential Moving

February 21, 2022
How To Prepare For A Residential Moving

Before looking for residential moving companies, there are many things you need to know to make sure everything goes into the plan. Knowing the right preparation for your residential moving ahead of time can make your relocation smoothly. 

Due to global pandemic coronavirus, many people are moving to a safer place.

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The residential moving process can be stressful. However, in this article, we will guide you on the necessary steps to your successful relocation.

One common reason why tenants move out of a rental is their budget. You may hear them say “I need a cheaper apartment”, “my apartment is too expensive” or sometimes I need less space.

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Tips for a safer and easier commercial moving
residential moving

We believe that every move requires a lot of thinking and of course perfect timing, Why? because it can be really stressful and will take too much of your time and when the perfect timing comes all you have to do is to prepare your things.

Things you have to expect on moving day include getting up early and make sure that you are well prepared and everything was packed up in your old home.

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Residential Moving Guides

Once you find your residential moving companies for your move, To make it easier, here are things to remember on your moving day. This is a perfect example of an essential checklist that you have to have during your moving day.

Things To Remember

1. Lots of Water
2. Create a Checklist
3. Make sure all tasks are done
4. Check all your things if they are packed and secured pick the right 5. moving company that can give you the best and affordable moving rate 6. can be a great help.
7. Count and label your boxes
8. Prepare cash tip for your movers
9. Charge your mobile phone
10. Prepare an overnight bag (toiletries, clothes, things that you commonly use and you think that is important)
11. Always have your own packing kit just in case you forgotten to pack something.

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Recommended Residential Moving Company
Xfinity Moving is one of the best companies to offer residential moving services. Whether it is short-distance or long-distance residential moving. They are a team of moving professionals that specializes in moving and storage. Read our complete review of the best interstate moving and storage of 2020.

Remember where you put your rags, detergent, laundry detergent, broom, and dustpan (because these things are going to be your best friend during the first 3 hours in your new apartment) flashlights, keys and charging cords are important as well.

Residential moving is a big transition for your kids and your family. However, if you have the right planning , smart process, preparation and choosing the best residential moving companies, you are in th right track!

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Who to Notify When Moving Interstate?

December 2, 2021
Who to Notify When Moving Interstate?

Before you notify your interstate moving company or inquiring the best interstate movers there are some things you need to do. As you move to your new address, there will be some people or businesses that will be needing your address. No, not only for the movers to know where to bring all your stuff but for sending bills, products, and emails. And there are also those who just want to visit for no reason at all. To save yourself from all the hassle here are some of the people or businesses that you need to inform.

Friends and Family

The most important group of people that you need to inform of your whereabouts. Before, people used to send out a change of address cards, but now that the internet has taken over, you could simply send a mass e-mail or just message them on social media.

Post Office

The first one you should inform about your move. Having them notified will get anything delivered to your old address, sent to the new one for the next 12 months. Before then, make sure that you update it online and set it to start at a date. Doing this before a week will make sure that there will be no gap between when you move and when your mail forwarding starts.

Who to Notify When Moving Interstate?

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Phone, Cable, and Internet

Also one of the essentials, not so that you could update your status on social media, but as a means of communication. Of course, they need to know where to send your bills aside from where to install your new line.

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Bank and Credit Card Company

Whether you want to change it through a call, or online, make sure that you notify them about your move. This way they can continue sending you updates and due dates. You can also include loyalty programs you have with different stores.


You don’t want to be sleeping in a dark and cold new home, do you? Make sure that both gas and electricity have been already set up at least a night before your move. Also, don’t forget to schedule a shut-off in your old place after you move.

Online Shopping Sites

The last thing you want is to have your expected package you ordered online delivered to your old address. With Amazon and eBay, it is easy to make a mistake since it only takes a few clicks to place an order. Take some time and update your address to all of the online stores you shop.

It doesn’t take much effort and time to change your address. But getting your parcel from your old place does! If you want to avoid any problems after you move then updating your address is one of the things you shouldn’t forget.

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What Your Movers Wish You Knew About the Moving Process

June 11, 2021
What Your Movers Wish You Knew About the Moving Process

If you’re relocating and have hired a professional moving company to assist you, there are some things you may do and some things you shouldn’t do to expedite the process. A seamless move is the result of everyone working together, which means you must know when to provide a hand and when to get out of the way.

The following are some details that your moving company would like you to be aware of.

On moving day, no one enjoys surprises

This suggestion should be discussed during your moving estimate, and it is really significant, therefore it is worth discussing. If you have large objects that need to be relocated, such as a piano, refrigerator, or hot tub, make sure to tell the moving company. It’s never a good idea to “surprise” your professional mover with unexpected things because they may require additional preparations, equipment, or men to move.

Prepare for the arrival of the movers

Do you reside in a gated neighborhood or an elevator-equipped apartment complex? Is it possible for the moving truck like u-haul to get easy access to your home? Take a time before moving day to consider the specifics of where the moving van will be parked and the route to and from the vehicle. If you require a parking or elevator permit from your building manager, make sure you have it done ahead of time.

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Don’t stuff heavy items into big boxes

For a reason, there are recommendations for what to put in various size boxes. Heavy items, such as books, should be packed in tiny boxes. Pillows and blankets, which are quite light, can be placed in larger boxes.

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About Moving Process

Arrange to be present on the day of the move

If your movers have any queries about what they should and shouldn’t be transporting, you or someone you know and trust should be accessible for the whole moving day. In addition, a responsible adult must be present to sign all of the moving company’s papers.

Packing should be completed prior to moving day

If you decide to do your own packing, make sure you do it before moving day. That means all of the boxes are taped and labeled properly. To expedite the process, neatly arrange all of your packed boxes in a prominent spot in your home, such as the garage or family room, so that the moving company personnel can simply load them onto the moving van. Use masking tape on your cartons at all costs. Instead, use packaging tape.

Allow the movers to do their job

When you lend a hand to move the fridge, you might believe you’re helping, but it’s usually best to stay out of the way. You can direct the movers to the appropriate rooms and answer questions, but beyond that, leave the hard lifting to the professionals to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

WowMover would be delighted to assist you if you are planning a move. To get started on your free in-home or video survey, contact us at (866) 377-4741

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Things to Consider When Choosing The Right Removalist

June 3, 2021
Things to Consider When Choosing The Right Removalist

Are you going to look for a removalist to relocate your office or move to a new apartment? Relocation is usually a difficult endeavor because it entails the worry of not knowing how things will end out. In today’s world, nothing is impossible, and you can move with ease if you have a professional and reputable removalist on your side.

However, with so many options on the market, you must exercise caution when selecting a removalist. This is because you will entrust all of your household belongings and furnishings to the removalist.

We’ve put up a few pointers to assist you pick the best removalist so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff.

Follow these guidelines to find the best removalist for your job:

Verify their Certification

Aside from looking at the certification, double-check the number of years they’ve worked in the moving industry. A higher number of years equals more experience.

Conduct thorough research

You should conduct extensive research before choosing a moving company. Begin with word of mouth. Check with family and friends to see if they can provide any references. The next step is to conduct some internet research. Make a list of a few removalists’ names and then look at their websites and moving reviews. Take a look at what others have to say about their experiences with movers. Check out their social media pages to see what people are saying about them.


Check for the types of equipments

Ask the removalist for the details of the vehicle in which your goods will be loaded and the equipment with which they will pack for transferring your belongings before you finalize the removalist. A good company will have high-quality packaging materials, well-trained employees, and its own moving truck. If you discover that your goods will be crammed into a small truck, politely decline. Don’t be hesitant to spend a few extra money to have a better moving experience.

Moving Insurance

Before you book anything, make sure the removalists provide insurance for your items. Insurance options for your things will be available from a reputable company. Some of your possessions are priceless, and while transferring them, there is a risk of cracks or other damage. You will have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are covered with insurance from the movers, even if an accident occurs.

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Compare Moving Quotes

Always get many price quotes and compare them. Don’t go for the cheapest option because it may result in more charges down the road. Always choose with the removalist that offers a fair price and guarantees that there are no hidden fees. Stick to your budget, but don’t be afraid to spend a few more bucks for a better relocation service.

These are a few pointers to consider while choosing a removalist. The more prepared you are, the less stressful your move will be. Once you’ve decided on a removalist, get down with them and discuss the next steps. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Get in touch with a reputable removalist right away! Call us at (866) 377-4741

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How to DIY, Reuse or Make Money Recycling Moving Boxes

February 27, 2020
How to DIY, Reuse or  Make Money Recycling Moving Boxes

When you have reached your destination and unpacked everything, boxes and packing materials are over the place.

Ways to Recycle Your Moving Boxes

Make Money

Many top interstate moving companies or local moving companies are buying and selling used boxes. Ask your moving company or search it online. You can also list it to Boxcycle they will charge you a commission on each of your sale.

Use to Organize Things

You can use your boxes to store or organize things. You can sort items into different boxes. It is also very helpful for you to find thing if boxes have labels on it.

Use it on your next Move

Select the most sturdy and cleanest, Flat them out and set aside so you can use them for your future move. Also, you can give it to your friend and family who if they need them.

Toys and DIY Projects

Boxes can be a good protection to surfaces for your kid’s playground. You can also use it to make costumes, playhouse, coloring projects or pet beds.

Give it to your Neighbors

Ask your neighbors if they need boxes. If you are new to your place, ask your rental office or managers to notify the tenants that you are giving free boxes for them use.

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