How To Secure Expensive Items During a Move

September 13, 2022
How To Secure Expensive Items During a Move

No one wants to go home and change their surroundings. Let alone, by moving them around the state, endangering their possession. Yeah, you’ll be delighted if you are moving to a new job or a bigger house. But the tiresome moving process always needs you to go through it. To transport your belongings safely, you can plan, pack, and find movers. Therefore, let us help you with a few of the most useful tips.

You cannot do this without a proper moving company.

There are hundreds of useful moving ideas, but how to find a moving company is the most important one. Who will be managing your valuables is extremely significant. No matter how you pack it, your transfer will be a catastrophe if you have dishonest or incompetent movers with you. You should begin to search online for moving companies to prevent such a thing. Compare costs, reviews, and services. Narrow down the quest before you find a handful that could be viable. Then, just give them a call to get more details to help you finalize your moving strategy.

Find a reliable, professional, and well-equip moving company

But before you do, you can get enough details on your own. The scope of your project for relocation should be realized. To do it correctly, you should create a moving checklist of all the assignments you should complete before the moving day. Check your house, then, and find out how many valuables you have to pack. This approach will give you the approximate numbers of the number of moving materials, the number of moving boxes, and the total cost of moving. Then call your movers and work your way towards a good relocation after you have all this info.

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Researching the moving industry

But you must know that merely clicking on a website and absorbing everything there is not enough. You should also make sure your movers are legitimate and a company worth recruiting. A detailed inspection is, therefore, in order. You’ll probably have enough time to do the following:

Double-check the moving company’s validity and confirm it. Go and do your homework online.

This one is probably the most useful of all the tips we can offer for moving expensive items. You’re not going to have to deal with sketchy movers if you spare an hour or two to find out all the details.

How To: Moving Valuables The Right Way

Moving expensive items is a well-laid packaging plan.

All must be packed carefully, whether we are talking about moving furniture or other household objects. You’ll need a lot of supplies for packing to do it right. First of all, search your furniture to find out whether you can disassemble any of it and make moving easier. If you do, try to individually wrap each piece and remember where it was prior to removing it.

Yeah, we all want to help as much as we can to make things simpler. But maybe you don’t know how to prepare a king-size bed to pass home, disassemble a pool table, or even move a piano. Some items in one piece and with a specialized moving team are best moved. Therefore, before doing anything, think about it.

All of the home appliances and smaller household products, on the other hand, are up for grabs. Using cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and stickers, you can store it all. At the bottom of the package, simply put blister packs or any other sort of cushion and place your products on top. You can fill the holes with crumpled paper or more cushions until the box is complete. Then close the package, add the packaging tape, and correctly mark it. Labels will provide information about the items inside, and when handling delicate items, whoever carries them around will be more vigilant.

You should use higher-quality supplies for packaging

If you have a budget and want to add another layer of protection, you can still use better supplies for moving valuables. As they are somewhere in the center, we have already listed blister packs. Some of these packaging materials are extremely costly for some individuals, while others find them inexpensive. Find out, then, where you stand and what you can afford.

The options are huge. Packing peanuts, Styrofoam, foam edge protectors, and corner pads are widely used. Of course, there are moving boxes, metal containers, plastic barrels, and wooden crates that are custom-made. And remember that a combination of the two can be used and still stay within your budget’s limits.

Another tip for exchanging valuables is to purchase moving insurance.

You should make sure that you are doing it safely, no matter what you do. You shouldn’t do it at all if you do not know how to move boxes and furniture. It is much safer to let your movers do it instead. They have the skills and experience, and you even pay them to do it. But if you try to tackle those aspects on your own, make sure that you have at least a first-aid kit nearby.

When running, cuts and bruises are common injuries, and you should be prepared for them. On the other side, you also want to make sure that your things are safe. Especially if you have in your possession a few valuable antique items. So, you should be consulting with your movers and buy moving insurance. Or seek a proper insurance company’s full coverage.

Okay, you know a couple of extra tips now for moving valuables and how to do it right. You know that you won’t have to worry for a second as long as you have a reliable moving company enlisted for the job.

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How to Properly Secure your Furniture while Moving

March 22, 2022
How to Properly Secure your Furniture while Moving

When you’ve arranged your furniture for moving and you’ve assembled the best possible furniture wrapping materials, you can begin considering how to ensure wood furniture for moving.

Here, we will offer you various tips for ensuring furniture during a home move:

Moveable parts.– The exact opposite thing you’d need is to have a furniture cabinet or a door open during the take. Ensure you wrap plastic wrap for furniture over any moveable parts to immobilize them. In the event that you’ve decided to leave a cabinet in its original spot, at that point you can fill it in with light non-flimsy things, and afterward utilize stretch wrap to keep the cabinet safely shut when it’s being shipped between the two homes. While you ought to never apply packing tape legitimately over the sensitive finish of your furnishings, furniture wrap is really protected in such manner, so make the most of it.

Huge Furniture Areas – Obviously, the use of the right protective wrapping for furniture is the most ideal approach to ensure your furnishings while moving. Cover your furniture pieces with blankets or towels in such a manner as, that no area ought to stay unprotected, and along these lines presented to possible harm. Use packing tape to fix the thick covers set up.

Delicate Adornments – For sensitive areas of your furnishings – particularly classical or antique furnishings, utilize a similar protection method you utilized when securing glass components just in light of the fact that thick cardboard will assimilate stuns and direct hits en route.

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Glass Components – Be extra cautious in the process as those glass parts will break effectively whenever dropped on the floor, and they can undoubtedly cut you in case you’re not wary enough. Ensure you expel all glass components from your furniture pieces – doors, racks, boards, and so forth. When removed, enclose them first by packing paper, at that point in bubble wrap, lastly in a blanket. In the event that evacuating those glass portions of your furniture isn’t a choice, at that point place cardboard over them and fix them with tape.

Furniture Legs – Like corners, the legs of your furniture pieces are additionally fairly inclined to harm since they will in general protrude from the primary structure of the piece. The most ideal approach to secure the legs of furniture is to remove them and pack them independently. In the event that that is impractical, at that point wrap them well in bubble wrap first, and afterward in furniture covers for most extreme assurance.

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You are planning on moving and you have done the first step towards a new and fulfilling adventure!

Furniture Corners – Furniture corners are entirely vulnerable to harm since they are the ones that get hit the most while moving furniture pieces around. Things being what they are, how to secure furniture corners while moving? Buying exceptional corner covers is consistently a smart thought, yet they will cost you. In the event that you’re not ready to dish out any additional cash, at that point use bits of thick cardboard again to cover any exposed corners, at that point use furniture wrap to keep them set up. Utilize blankets or towels as an external layer of protection.

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Things You Should Never Move Alone to Avoid Stress

September 8, 2021
Things You Should Never Move Alone to Avoid Stress

The reality is that a lot of items are difficult to relocate these are the Things You Should Never Move Alone. It’s just that we don’t appreciate how difficult a task is until we try it. Trust the pros at WowMover if you wish to avoid such headaches. Here’s a list of items you shouldn’t try to move!

Moving Guides: Ways to Overcome Relocation Depression

Musical Instruments that are Large and Bulky

We understand that most people believe musical instruments are difficult things to move along. It’s just that they don’t comprehend how difficult it is. While you may be perfectly capable of caring about your guitar, the same cannot be said for a piano. The fact that moving a piano has wheels doesn’t always make it “movable.” This is why, when it comes to transferring musical instruments, one of the most typical pieces of advice is to seek businesses with prior experience in the field.

Animals (and Fish Tanks)

While the first two points may seem self-evident, you’d be amazed how often individuals try to transport their animals without considering their requirements. Because animals are living creatures, you must exercise caution when handling them. Do your homework and don’t assume that your dogs aren’t stressed.

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Also, don’t believe that transferring a fish tank is a simple operation. If you have a fish tank that you want to relocate, you’ll need to do some research on how to do it properly, or you might wind up with no fish at all.

Things You Should Never Move Alone

Piece of Art

You may simply wrap up a poster and store it, but if you have priceless artwork that is properly displayed in a frame, you should always treat it with care. You are not equipped to handle it on your own unless your day job entails gallery or museum installation work. Even if the component isn’t particularly large, if you don’t know what to do with it, you may end up damaging it accidentally.

All sorts of physical artworks, including marble statues and sculptures, are subject to the same rules. Don’t overestimate your ability; instead, get a professional.

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Plants are one of those items that many people have in their homes but don’t give much thought to transferring. You may have a few cactus and succulents on hand right now, but no flowers. Take meticulous care of any flowering plants you have, especially delicate tropical plants or orchids, while you’re moving with plants. You may not want to transfer them at all in some circumstances because the stress of re-potting can kill them. Before you relocate, do your research and enlist the help of a local nursery.

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How to get rid of unwanted furniture before a move?

March 23, 2021
How to get rid of unwanted furniture before a move?

When the time comes to relocate, you may not want to take everything from your current residence with you. Perhaps you’d like to redecorate, selecting furniture and accent pieces that are more in line with the design of your new home. Perhaps you want to keep your move as small as possible and leave some items behind that are functional but not particularly beloved. Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of unwanted furniture before a move, this advice can help you do so quickly and easily.

Donations and giveaways

Donating or giving away unwanted furniture is one of the simplest ways to get rid of it. Donations have obvious benefits: if your items are in good condition, a variety of charitable organizations are likely to accept them. You don’t have to worry about matching a piece of furniture to the needs of a family member or friend, and you know that the item’s sale will benefit a cause to which you’ve decided to donate.

You can always ask around or send a group text or message with a list of furniture you want to give away, but you’ll need to keep a master list updated with claims on items and notes about furniture that has already been adopted.

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One major question to consider is whether you can easily transport the item to a donation location or if it must be picked up by someone else. Chairs, end tables, and the like are easy to transport in even a small car, but bureaus, desks, and other large pieces can be more difficult. While some smaller groups may not be able to pick up your furniture, there are a number of larger organizations that do.

If you live in a big city, there may be neighborhood or city-wide charitable groups that accept donations and even pick them up. Consider looking up furniture donation in your city if you want your furniture to benefit a very local cause.

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How to get rid of unwanted furniture before a move?

Obtaining a return on investment

While you may not recoup the entire cost of your furniture, you can often recoup some of your investment – and earn some extra cash to help with the costs of moving – by selling your items. When it comes to sales, you have several options, including:

Sometimes the simplest way to relocate is to get rid of items you no longer require. Get in touch with the expert movers and packers at Wowmover today for assistance in transporting those truly indispensable possessions to your new home!

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