What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Across the Country?

March 28, 2022
What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Across the Country?

If you’re planning a move across the country, getting your car to your new home doesn’t have to be yet another stressful part of your move. Instead of having to deal with a long day, or days, of traveling with your vehicle, consider using the

 Auto Transport professionals at Xfinity Moving. Not only will you save time, but you will also have a vehicle ready to roll once you arrive at your new home. In addition, you will save on gas, hotels, and the wear and tear associated with driving your car across the country.

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The Process

Moving anywhere, let alone across the country, can be a very stress-inducing event for many people. It’s important to have an experienced team of professional movers to make this entire process as organized and simple as possible so that you can focus on the exciting aspects of a cross-country move.

Cheap Way to Transport Car Across Country

Having to pack up all of your belongings and unpacking them when you move is a huge job in and of itself. Having to worry about how to move your car across the country adds yet another major aspect to your move. This is not something you’ll need to deal with if you have a professional moving company move your car.

The Cost

Although it’s not necessarily inexpensive to have your vehicle moved across the country, it’s definitely worth it as your car is probably a relatively valuable asset. As far as the cost, there are a few variables that come into play when determining it:

  1. Distance
  2. Size and Weight
  3. Mode of Transportation

Cross Country Auto Transport

Xfinity Moving has a set process for moving vehicles across the country. It’s just one less thing customers have to deal with and it can make the overall move a much more pleasant experience.  The moving professionals at Xfinity Moving start with a vehicle inspection before shipment.

Once they reach the new location, the vehicle will be inspected once more to make sure there is no damage. Having a vehicle moved across the country safely and securely is the most important job of any vehicle relocation company, and pre and post-inspection are key.

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You can also track the shipment of your vehicle as Xfinity Moving provides real-time updates so that you never have to wonder where your vehicle is, whether it’s being transported across the country or the world.

Xfinity Moving offers door-to-door shipping services as well as enclosed transportation to keep your vehicle safe from the elements. This added protection is important to many customers and it’s one of the main reasons why Xfinity Moving Relocation is a great choice to move your car across the country.

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How to Make your Move Efficiently Like A Pro

February 22, 2022
How to Make  your Move Efficiently Like A Pro

Moving homes or businesses can be quite a taxing venture. Especially if you are moving to a new area, the move can be emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing; however, it is doable. Be it for an extended period or for a short time; one needs to have all the basics covered and checked when moving. There are various points on a to-do list that need when moving homes or companies to make a move effective and efficient.

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Some of the tasks include but are not limited to, the following:

Create a List of All Your Things:  Creating a full list of all the items that you are going to bring is an essential step to take. It’s to make sure that you would not have to worry about losing or forgetting your things when you finally move into your new place. Which, in turn, will also make the process of moving out more organized and more manageable.

Sort Out Your Items: When moving long-distance, ensure that you sort out your items. There is a possibility that there are some things that will not be needed when moving, and some that will be required. The best thing to do is to sort out them out. We prefer you to use the important, not so necessary, and the not essential tags.

The vital section will contain all the items that are needed when moving; they are the essential ones. The not so important section will include items that are necessary but can also be left out. These items are ones that can come in handy later on, but at the time of moving, they aren’t. The not important section will contain items that are not important to the move. It will include items that are replaceable or items that were bought on the whim and have no immediate usefulness.

Hire a Long-Distance Moving Company: Do you know that when you start feeling stressed from the perils of moving, remember you are not alone. Nearly 45 million Americans move each year, an enormous number that also happens to be the same as California’s entire population.

Also, hiring a local moving company is easier on your budget (and your nerves) than renting a moving truck and moving everything by yourself. Did you know that professional long-distance moving companies include the cost of packing, loading, transporting, and unloading all your stuff in one low bill? It makes hiring long-distance moving services an excellent and reasonable decision to make.

Here at Wowmover, we are a long-distance moving company that provides long-distance moving services to long distance movers. We also cover those who are moving short distances, as well.

Some of our services include auto transportation, residential moving, commercial relocation, among others. Our services are very affordable and easy to use.

Feel free to contact us for your long-distance moving services. Call Us at (855) 302-4538

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How To: Transporting Recreational Vehicles to Another State

September 22, 2020
How To:  Transporting Recreational Vehicles to Another State

Figure out how to set up your recreational vehicles for an interstate move and the various sorts of transporting options that are accessible.

When moving to another state, a great many people have the movers get their things and afterward drive to their new state. Yet, consider the possibility that you have more than one vehicle. Imagine a scenario where you have a cruiser, sports vehicle, or RV that you can’t drive during the move. How might you get every one of your vehicles to your new home without making multiple trips?

Luckily, there are a lot of moving companies out there to ship your recreational vehicles from your present home to your new one. This implies you have alternatives, so this is what you have to think about those choices.

What to Do Before Transporting Your Vehicles

Despite the fact that you can hire an expert moving company to ship your recreational vehicles for you, there’s some prep work you’ll need to deal with yourself before giving over your vehicles. The first is that you’ll need to purge the gas tank. Moving companies are not permitted to ship anything combustible, and that includes the fuel for your vehicle’s gas tank.

You’ll likewise need to eliminate any valuable resources and disable your alarm framework. Eliminate or secure accessories, for example, windscreens on motorcycles or cruisers, and removable gear and luggage holders or hardware racks on vehicles or RVs.

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Finally, make note of the vehicle’s mileage and condition, including scratches for paint, and get the driver to record them on the moving documents. This will assist you with seeing

Open Carriers versus Closed Carriers

The primary concern you’ll have to consider while employing a moving company to ship your vehicles is whether you need your vehicle to go in an open transporter or a closed transporter.

Open transporters or carriers will in general comprise two levels made of simply the steel skeleton making up the “floors” for the vehicles to lay on and enough backings to hold everything together and keep it secure. There is no rooftop, no other siding, and nothing to shield the vehicles being shipped from the elements. This isn’t ideal for bikes, classic cars, and luxury vehicles.

Closed carriers or transporters are completely encased trailers that do shield vehicles from the elements during transportation, making them ideal for anything you need to ensure arrivals in mint condition at your new home. Moving your vehicle on a closed transporter will in general be more costly, and you may need to hold up somewhat longer to get your vehicle, depending upon the timetable of the moving.

In case you’re preparing to move and aren’t sure how to manage your recreational vehicles, you can get a free quote from us to move them for you.

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