How to Calculate Car Shipping Services?

May 11, 2022
How to Calculate Car Shipping Services?

When it comes to car shipping services, everybody has the same basic problem in their minds. How much for a car to ship? Although quotes for transport cars will vary dramatically, there are a few ways to ensure that rates are as affordable as possible. It will still come with more competitive rates for newcomers to get their car driven on an open car carrier.

Savings, though, don’t have to stop there. Instead of door-to-door, you can also choose to get your car delivered terminal-to-terminal. Yeah, this means that when dropping off and picking up your car, you’ll have to arrange transportation from and to the airport.

However, this discomfort will translate into savings. Of course, with a terminal-to-terminal service, you must also consider the costs you may accrue. This includes expenses for storage, transportation costs, and charges for gas.

Is Your Car Safe During Auto Transport? Is Shipping a Car …
Things to Remember When Shipping a Car

However, this approach may be your most expedient and cheapest alternative if you live near a readily available terminal.

How much is it for a car to ship?

Car shipping service prices are unpredictable when it comes to transporting vehicles. The cost depends on a number of different factors, from the type and weight of the vehicle to the distance and company you go with. On average, however, for shorter distance travel, and as high as $1,500 for long hauls, you can expect around $500-$700. If it ends up being a little higher than that for a heavier truck, however, don’t be surprised.

Car shipping service rates rely on supply and demand as well. Right now, there are about 10,000 cars waiting to be shipped out of California. There are fewer truckers available to ship cars because of this.
If you choose an enclosed trailer for delivery, even if your vehicle is souped-up and modded, other variables that impact the shipping price include whether or not the car is in working condition.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different variables that go into the decision of a customer to have their car professionally delivered, you’re probably thinking about how much you need to budget. You have to know that the actual price you’re going to pay is dependent on several variables.

These considerations include:


The most knowledgeable and customer-centric ones will have a shipping quote calculator when you visit a car shipper’s webpage. This calculator will give you an instant quote that is free and non-binding. Never pay for a quotation for delivery.

You’ll find that the Car shipping services calculator asks several different questions when you go through having a quote. Some of these have to do with the vehicle’s make and model.

Why are these variables significant? And they’re size-indicative. The longer and bigger a vehicle are, the more space a transporter takes up, and the more it would cost to drive.

Larger dimensions and changes to vehicles can also contribute to carrier adjustments.


There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to seasonality. Next, for car transporters, summer happens to be the busiest time of year.

This is when the majority of individuals plan to travel. So, because of the extra demand, you can not get the best offers at this time of year.

While you would automatically believe that the cheapest time for car shipping is in winter, think twice. Ice and snow combine to make driving a large auto transporter a virtual disaster during the coldest months.

Prices and delivery times appear to go up as a result. What would be your safest bet? The higher your flexibility, the better the price you will get.


For short distances car shipping services, the average cost of transporting a car is $1.96 per mile. Those that fall within a one to 500-mile range involve short distances.

So, spend at least $590 for a ride that’s about 300 miles long to cover costs and fees.

What about a longer ride? Moderate distances are considered for journeys of 500 to 1,000 miles. They run around $0.93 per mile, they come out, give or take, to $950 for 1,000 miles.

As far as long distances are concerned, you’ll pay around $0.58 per mile when you take trips of 1,500 miles or more. A journey of this length can cost you $870.

Like shopping in quantity at the supermarket, the farther you go, the better the rate per mile will be.


You’ll still need to accurately record your vehicle’s state. About why? And it’s far cheaper to ship cars that run than those who don’t.

To properly load a car onto a carrier trailer, the ability to steer, roll, and brake is crucial. If your car doesn’t have these features, then to shift it into position, the driver must rely on a winch or other equipment.

It is a time-consuming operation to deal with an inoperable car, and not one that a driver takes easily. A forklift is also required when loading. For this purpose, for vehicles that can roll, brake, and steer, many auto shippers only give quotes.

Drop-off and Pick-Up Location

You’ll want to keep in mind where the places for your pick up and drop off are located. It is because you’ll end up paying more the further the driver’s regular route.

Usually, metropolitan areas have plenty of available trucks and drivers. You will find more supply and some of the best prices since demand is high.

However, when it comes to rural areas, prices are climbing. Although an experienced and competent business should go to great lengths to secure you the best possible rate, expect to pay more in less trafficked areas no matter where you live.

The more you live off the main highway, the more you will have to end up paying.


We have already discussed it partially, but it is important to understand the choices available to you concerning the shipping of vehicles. By far, freight on an open carrier remains the most common and inexpensive alternative.

Open-Air carriers don’t protect vehicles from the weather or road grime, as the name suggests. They also do not shield cars from gravel and other debris from the pavement. But for passengers and ordinary drivers, they fit well.

After all, it is equivalent to a road trip to the misuse a vehicle would get on an open carrier. That said, what if you have a vehicle worthy of investment? You’ll need to pay more, in this case, to get an enclosed carrier.

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What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Across the Country?

March 28, 2022
What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Across the Country?

If you’re planning a move across the country, getting your car to your new home doesn’t have to be yet another stressful part of your move. Instead of having to deal with a long day, or days, of traveling with your vehicle, consider using the

 Auto Transport professionals at Xfinity Moving. Not only will you save time, but you will also have a vehicle ready to roll once you arrive at your new home. In addition, you will save on gas, hotels, and the wear and tear associated with driving your car across the country.

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The Process

Moving anywhere, let alone across the country, can be a very stress-inducing event for many people. It’s important to have an experienced team of professional movers to make this entire process as organized and simple as possible so that you can focus on the exciting aspects of a cross-country move.

Cheap Way to Transport Car Across Country

Having to pack up all of your belongings and unpacking them when you move is a huge job in and of itself. Having to worry about how to move your car across the country adds yet another major aspect to your move. This is not something you’ll need to deal with if you have a professional moving company move your car.

The Cost

Although it’s not necessarily inexpensive to have your vehicle moved across the country, it’s definitely worth it as your car is probably a relatively valuable asset. As far as the cost, there are a few variables that come into play when determining it:

  1. Distance
  2. Size and Weight
  3. Mode of Transportation

Cross Country Auto Transport

Xfinity Moving has a set process for moving vehicles across the country. It’s just one less thing customers have to deal with and it can make the overall move a much more pleasant experience.  The moving professionals at Xfinity Moving start with a vehicle inspection before shipment.

Once they reach the new location, the vehicle will be inspected once more to make sure there is no damage. Having a vehicle moved across the country safely and securely is the most important job of any vehicle relocation company, and pre and post-inspection are key.

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You can also track the shipment of your vehicle as Xfinity Moving provides real-time updates so that you never have to wonder where your vehicle is, whether it’s being transported across the country or the world.

Xfinity Moving offers door-to-door shipping services as well as enclosed transportation to keep your vehicle safe from the elements. This added protection is important to many customers and it’s one of the main reasons why Xfinity Moving Relocation is a great choice to move your car across the country.

To get your instant Free Quote

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How to Ship your Car Secure and Safe?

March 8, 2022
How to Ship your Car Secure and Safe?

Auto Transport is not a fun thing to do that is why many people are hesitant to ship or buy a car from far locations. However, there are affordable and reliable ways to ship your car as long as you choose reputable and best moving companies.

Auto transport to your vehicle is commonly pretty safe. Here are the easy steps you can take to reduce your risk of safety risks and keep away from fraudulent groups, sketchy charges, and pesky thieves.

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Keep your eyes peeled during inspections: have you ever zoned out at the same time as a customer service rep rattles off terms and situations over the cellphone? We’ve all been there. But you shouldn’t make that mistake when it comes to your car inspection.

Your car may be inspected before it is loaded onto the auto transport company and after it is unloaded. In both cases, you’ll sign a file known as a “bill of lading” that describes the circumstances of your car. If the car is broken in transit, but you don’t acknowledge it on the paperwork, you could be out of luck if you want to record a claim.

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Get to know your Auto Transport Driver: It’s no longer too essential to realize the name and speak to a variety of your transport guy, but car shipping is something special. If something goes incorrect, the potential damages move some distance beyond $20 for a small area of your car

Auto transport

Ask your dealer for the name and contact information of your driver. If there’s a delay in transport, you have to get in touch.

Make sure your car is ready for auto transportation: There’s more to vehicle shipping than simply driving your automobile onto a truck and waving goodbye. From removing personal items and getting a tune-up to folding in the side mirrors and deactivating digital toll devices, there are several things you may do to prepare your vehicle for transport.

Watch out for prices that seem too desirable to be authentic: could you raise an eyebrow if a $500,000 residence suddenly has become to be had for less than a hundred thousand dollars? You need to be just as skeptical of vehicle transport costs, which can be substantially lower than the rest of the competition.

Get shipping prices with auto transport companies: protection isn’t always about the circumstance of your automobile. sometimes it’s approximately retaining your bank account blanketed from needless costs.

Make sure to get several rates before committing to an agency. now not best does that assist you to negotiate a better charge, it additionally enables you to perceive early red flags. If an organization wants to charge you or 3 times as plenty as every other automobile shipper for the same provider, it’s no longer a big stretch to suppose there might be other scammy conduct down the street.

Examine the evaluations: do your homework before hiring an auto transport provider. We recommend you take 10 minutes, consistent with the company, to study online reviews. If you see any red flags like complaints about vehicle harm, missing non-public objects, or motive force no-indicates, that’s probably an amazing indication you have to test out every other company.

Be careful with scammers: the car shipping industry is every now and then referred to as the “Wild West” because it isn’t well regulated. For some hundred dollars, pretty much absolutely everyone can begin their very own vehicle shipping carrier—and the outcomes aren’t usually quite.

The FMCSA assigns each car shipper a motor carrier (MC) number. which allows you to verify that the shipping service is properly licensed and insured. The range also helps you to look up the organization’s complaint record and accident file.

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What is the Best Way to Ship a Car by Train?

November 25, 2021
What is the Best Way to Ship a Car by Train?

Is there a best way to if you want to ship your car by train, Amtrak is your only option. It’s quick and reasonably priced. However, there is a significant disadvantage: Amtrak only goes between two cities (Sanford, Florida, and Lorton, Virginia). You’ll need to get quotes from standard vehicle shipping companies if you want to send your car somewhere else.

We’ll discuss the rates for both your vehicle and passenger ticket for those few consumers traveling between Sanford, Florida, and Lorton, Virginia.

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Is it possible to ship an automobile by train?

Train car shipping works pretty much as it sounds. You move your automobile from one site to another, but instead of paying a car shipping company to transfer it by truck, you load it onto a train and ride alongside it.

Yes, the passenger ticket is required. You won’t be able to send the car unless you also take the train.

Many auto transport companies claim to provide rail service, but in reality, they do not. There is only one firm that provides the service, and it is Amtrak, a railroad company.

How does rail car shipping work?

In certain conditions, you can ship a car by train. The only way to send a car by rail is via Amtrak, which has a single route from Washington, DC to Sanford, Florida (or the reverse).

Despite the fact that rail cars transport automobiles, practically all railroad franchises in the United States cater solely to businesses (e.g., car dealerships). The only exception is Amtrak car transportation, which runs daily between two East Coast cities on a single route.

How does rail car shipping work?

In certain conditions, you can ship a car by train. The only way to send a car by rail is via Amtrak, which has a single route from Washington, DC to Sanford, Florida (or the reverse).

Despite the fact that rail cars transport automobiles, practically all railroad franchises in the United States cater solely to businesses (e.g., car dealerships). The only exception is Amtrak car transportation, which runs daily between two East Coast cities on a single route.

How much does it cost to ship using a train?

The average total cost of shipping a car from Lorton, Virginia to Sanford, Florida on Amtrak’s auto train is $497. Prices vary depending on the class of your passenger ticket and whether or not you choose priority offloading. The least expensive passenger ticket is $89. Standard-size autos ship for $208, and the least expensive passenger ticket is $89.

For the purposes of Amtrak automobile shipping price, if your car, truck, van, or SUV hasn’t been altered from its original factory length, it counts as a standard-size vehicle.

Train vs Truck: Cost

Amtrak (least expensive)Amtrak (most expensive)Average uShip

What does that mean in terms of a regular auto carrier for the same 855-mile distance?

The average cost of shipping a car along the same path as the Amtrak auto train was $825, according to uShip.

This is $528 more expensive than the lowest train option and $64 more expensive than the most expensive rail option (which includes a comfy bed and priority offloading).

The uShip quote is average, which means you might be able to find cheaper transporters. Even so, you won’t be able to find a vehicle transporter that can beat Amtrak’s low-cost car transportation.

This is $528 more expensive than the lowest train option and $64 more expensive than the most expensive rail option (which includes a comfy bed and priority offloading).

The uShip quote is average, which means you might be able to find cheaper transporters. Even so, you won’t be able to find a vehicle transporter that can beat Amtrak’s low-cost car transportation.

Ship a Car by Train
Trucks-to-trains swap significantly cuts emissions in Volvo Cars logistics network

How fast can you ship an automobile by train?

Taking the Amtrak train instead of exporting your car by truck saves you time and money. The nonstop rail route from Lorton, Virginia, to Sanford, Florida, takes 17 hours and 29 minutes, which is nearly a week and a half faster than standard vehicle transportation.

Estimated Delivery Time

Estimated total delivery time<1 Day11 Days

Keep in mind that Amtrak car shipment is only available in two places across the country. You can’t beat the speed—or the price—if you reside near one of Amtrak’s two rail car hubs.

However, if you live somewhere else, you won’t be able to ship your car by rail.

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Is it possible to freight my car by rail without purchasing a passenger ticket?

No. You must purchase a passenger ticket and ride on the same train as your automobile to be shipped on the Amtrak car shipping train.

The cost of a ticket varies depending on how much comfort you desire.

The coach class is the least comfortable, but it still beats driving all day (and some of the night). You also have to pay for gas to travel nearly 1,000 miles if you drive. As a result, taking the train is both more comfortable and less expensive than taking the bus.

If you want to splash out, premium tickets are available. However, if you can take an 18-hour ride in coach class, the lower-cost Amtrak tickets should suffice.

Why do so many businesses claim to be able to ship your car by train?

Companies develop instructional items to attract your attention because so many people are looking for information on how to send an automobile by rail or train. Unfortunately, some of them go too far and claim to be able to provide rail service.

There is one condition, however. Do you recall the train firms that only served commercial customers? They can’t fill all of their rail cars all of the time, so they open them up to regular auto carriers.

A regular auto transport business might technically take one of these jobs and use it to deliver your automobile.

In actuality, however, this does not occur. We were unable to locate any rail transit companies.

However, we learned enough to offer a recommendation. We recommend that you seek elsewhere if the auto shipping firm you’re looking into claims to offer rail shipping on its website.

How can you trust a company with your car if they aren’t upfront about the services they provide?

If I don’t live near an Amtrak station, can I transport my automobile by train?

No. You must live near one of Amtrak’s two hubs in Lorton, VA, or Sanford, FL, to use its auto train service. Other railroad companies, such as CSX, Union Pacific, and Sante Fe, offer service primarily to commercial organizations like car dealerships, thus regular customers cannot ship with them by train.

Car shipping by freight truck, on the other hand, is available in most US cities (check with your auto transport company to see if it can service your specific route).

# of states250
# of cities215,000+
# of companies12,000+


If you want to ship your car by train, Amtrak is your best (and only) option. For roughly $500, a train transport business will transfer your automobile 900 miles in less than one day. Amtrak, on the other hand, only serves two tiny cities: Sanford, Florida, and Lorton, Virginia. Unfortunately, this means that Amtrak is unable to assist the majority of car transport customers.

If you want to transport your automobile anywhere other than the two cities served by Amtrak, you’ll need to contact one of the best car shipping firms. Because of its low costs, years of experience, and great customer evaluations, we recommend Xfinity Moving Auto Transport.

How To: Transporting Recreational Vehicles to Another State

September 22, 2020
How To:  Transporting Recreational Vehicles to Another State

Figure out how to set up your recreational vehicles for an interstate move and the various sorts of transporting options that are accessible.

When moving to another state, a great many people have the movers get their things and afterward drive to their new state. Yet, consider the possibility that you have more than one vehicle. Imagine a scenario where you have a cruiser, sports vehicle, or RV that you can’t drive during the move. How might you get every one of your vehicles to your new home without making multiple trips?

Luckily, there are a lot of moving companies out there to ship your recreational vehicles from your present home to your new one. This implies you have alternatives, so this is what you have to think about those choices.

What to Do Before Transporting Your Vehicles

Despite the fact that you can hire an expert moving company to ship your recreational vehicles for you, there’s some prep work you’ll need to deal with yourself before giving over your vehicles. The first is that you’ll need to purge the gas tank. Moving companies are not permitted to ship anything combustible, and that includes the fuel for your vehicle’s gas tank.

You’ll likewise need to eliminate any valuable resources and disable your alarm framework. Eliminate or secure accessories, for example, windscreens on motorcycles or cruisers, and removable gear and luggage holders or hardware racks on vehicles or RVs.

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Finally, make note of the vehicle’s mileage and condition, including scratches for paint, and get the driver to record them on the moving documents. This will assist you with seeing

Open Carriers versus Closed Carriers

The primary concern you’ll have to consider while employing a moving company to ship your vehicles is whether you need your vehicle to go in an open transporter or a closed transporter.

Open transporters or carriers will in general comprise two levels made of simply the steel skeleton making up the “floors” for the vehicles to lay on and enough backings to hold everything together and keep it secure. There is no rooftop, no other siding, and nothing to shield the vehicles being shipped from the elements. This isn’t ideal for bikes, classic cars, and luxury vehicles.

Closed carriers or transporters are completely encased trailers that do shield vehicles from the elements during transportation, making them ideal for anything you need to ensure arrivals in mint condition at your new home. Moving your vehicle on a closed transporter will in general be more costly, and you may need to hold up somewhat longer to get your vehicle, depending upon the timetable of the moving.

In case you’re preparing to move and aren’t sure how to manage your recreational vehicles, you can get a free quote from us to move them for you.

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