Xfinity Broadband Services: Moving Your Internet Connection Is Easier

February 28, 2023

Xfinity Broadband Services: Moving Your Internet Connection Is Easier

Moving is one of the biggest hassle to everyone. One specific task to do is when internet service is involved. Fortunately at Xfinity Moving broadband services, transferring internet service is super easy. Continue reading below to know how easy to transfer internet services with Xfinity Moving.

Steps to make your broadband service transfer easier

Find Internet Provider

At Xfinity Moving, we can help our customers to find and transfer broadband service when they move to a new location. We have access to our nationwide network of service providers who offer preferred pricing, convenience, and professional installation from phone to any types of internet services such as Land-line Phone, Cell Phone, High-speed Internet, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and Satellite Internet.

To get started, head over to our list of internet providers and select what fits your need.

Bundles and Special Offers

Ask the provider if they have Special Offers or Bundles for the internet or phone. Much better if you can get internet and cable together. Digital TV and Home Phone bundle will save you a lot of money.

Schedule a Service Call

Once you have decided on your internet service provided, set a schedule at your convenient time. Make sure to allot time when the time comes to avoid delays.

Prepare your Equipment’s

If you have modem or router ready, pack them carefully for your move. If you decided on a new provided, make sure to inform your old provider so they can guide you on what to do.

Installation Time

If your internet already installed and online, check your internet speed before the ISP representative leaves to verify the service level in your contract or agreement.

It easier to transfer your broadband service if you have the right planning. You will save time and avoid stress if you follow all steps above. Transferring your internet service is easy!

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