House Renovation: Signs That Your Home Needs a Revamp!

September 23, 2022
House Renovation: Signs That Your Home Needs a Revamp!

Home renovation isn’t just a nice-to-have. Home improvement is frequently required. For a healthy and fashionable home, listening to your home’s demands and upgrading it is essential.

You may be able to complete a little home renovation work by yourself. On weekends, it can be a fun way to spend time together. These modifications, however, can often be more extensive and difficult. To be successful, these jobs must be completed by a professional. And it was not cheap.

So, how would you know when it’s time for a home renovation? Take a look at the warning flags listed below. If your property exhibits these characteristics, it’s time for a renovation.

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Tips for Finding and Moving Into A New Home 
How to Store Your Belonging When Selling Your Home

Damaged Walls

A variety of factors can cause damage to a wall.

Your children may have drawn on every wall in the home, but the stain does not appear to be going away.

Due to age, the wallpapers may be flaking or discolored.

Insulation may be inadequate, allowing moisture to penetrate into the walls and lead to mold growth.

Houses that are over 100 years old are prone to shifting and developing fractures. These fissures could be superficial or substantial in nature.

It is critical to take suitable measures based on the damages caused by the walls. If the fissures are only superficial, aesthetic improvements can be made. If the damage is structural, you’ll need to use extreme renovation techniques to avoid serious harm.

The House Has An Old Feel To It

A home that appears to be ancient is a huge disadvantage when trying to sell it.

If your home appears to be outdated, you can remodel it yourself with the help of a general contractor. Alternatively, you can employ specialists to handle the renovation.

Renovation does not always imply the removal of all old items. Many renovators assist in the preservation of the historical features of the home. These historic features frequently boost a home’s resale value.


Termites are mainly drawn to messy, damp areas. If your home shows evidence of a pest infestation, it’s safe to assume it’s a mess. Not to mention the possibility that subpar materials were used in the construction of your home.

A termite infestation can compromise the structural integrity of your home. It also gives your home an unwelcoming vibe. It’s yet another sign that the house is crumbling from the inside out.

So, if you see a termite infestation in your home, don’t wait any longer. At this time, renovating your home can save it and improve its appearance.

Fading Paints

Paint on your walls will crack, chip, and peel as it ages. The frequent exposure to dust, chemicals, sunlight, and wet air causes this.

Cracked walls can cause your home to age more quickly and give it a shabby appearance. Touching up your paint job on a regular basis can add years to the life of your home.

You may always play around with various colors to make your home feel fresh. When your white paint starts to fade, apply a fresh coat of white paint to refresh the look of your home.

When you retouch the paint on your walls, make sure to retouch your cupboards in the kitchen too. Cabinets in the kitchen are often damaged quicker due to humidity and moist conditions. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.

Rusty Roof

Your roof shields you from the elements, such as sunshine, rain, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. It’s only natural that it will deteriorate over time.

It’s critical to repair the damage to your roof because it’s your first line of defense against the elements.

It’s possible that your roof has cracks, missing shingles, or is drooping. Keeping an eye out for these indications will help you notice the degeneration early on.

Roofs are an important aspect of your home’s exterior design. If you overlook the deterioration, it will have an impact on the house’s overall appearance. You can get vital asphalt shingles roofing and change the perspective from $4500 to $10,000.

Wear and tear on floors

The first thing to show signs of wear and tear is the floor. Bathroom and kitchen floors, in particular, are subjected to heavy use and are more likely to become separated or broken than flooring in other rooms. You can choose different types of flooring depending on the number of people who will use the room and the style of the room. Because ceramic and stone flooring is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear, they can be utilized in bathrooms and kitchens. In the event of a spill, it is also simple to clean.

Wood flooring improves the appearance of your area while also providing a high return on investment. However, if you reside in an area with hot temperatures or humid conditions, you should avoid it. Moisture can cause the wood to expand.


For a variety of reasons, a home renovation is needed. You could be considering selling your property and want to increase its resale value. You may have a better financial situation and a desire to improve your living situation. You might want to consider renting out your home. You may also wish to spruce up your living space.

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Bond Clean: What Tenants Need to Know

September 16, 2022
Bond Clean: What Tenants Need to Know

If you’ve read our moving guide, you’ll know that there are a few key activities to cross off your to-do list in the days leading up to your move. One of these tasks will be to complete a thorough bond cleaning. We’ll go over everything you need to know to get your end-of-lease cleaning approved by your real estate agent and get your whole bond refunded.

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What is the definition of “bond clean”?

Let’s start from the beginning. Your real estate agent or property manager will be expected to give an initial condition report when you first move into your unit. If there is a dispute about replacing lost things, paying for cleaning, or damage at the conclusion of the tenancy, it will be a crucial piece of evidence. When you move out, a bond clean or an end-of-lease clean restores the property to its original state.

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Throughout Your Tenancy

While your bond return will be calculated at the end of your rental agreement, there are a few things you can do to improve your connection with your real estate agent during your tenancy.

Treat the property as if it were yours.

Rental properties are an investment for most homeowners, as every real estate agent and property manager understands. As a result, you should always treat a rented property as if it were your own. Maintaining the home in good shape throughout your tenancy will make it easier for the real estate agent to advocate on your behalf and will also help you establish a positive relationship with the landlord if problems arise.

Any damage should be reported to the property manager.

If any damage occurs during your tenancy, notify the property manager at once. Notifying the landlord as soon as possible will allow them to repair any issues before they become major disasters, whether it’s mold growing on the ceiling or defective electrical devices.

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Dispute and Concern

If you’re a long-term tenant, you may be exempt from liability for damages caused by “reasonable wear and tear.” Indentations caused by furniture, cracks in the walls from movement, and faded and damaged paint are all frequent occurrences in many families.

During the cleaning process

Perfectionism is a result of planning.

Moving day is difficult for everyone who has relocated from one suburb to another. Plan your bond clean so you know exactly what you’ll need to do to succeed, and you’ll have a greater chance of managing.

The first thing you should do is clear your calendar. Schedule your move on a weekday or get a few days off from your boss. If your cleaning takes longer than intended, this will allow you some freedom. Then, by enlisting the help of friends and family, you may multiply your efforts. Even if you have a property with many bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, and a garage, a little assistance can go a long way.

When You’re Done Cleaning

Make preparations for the final inspection.

All that’s left now is to schedule a final inspection with your real estate agent after your bond clean is completed. Your realtor will walk around the property with you and compare each room to the original condition report. You should be able to collect your bond return if you follow this guide. If any concerns arise, try to resolve them while the agent is on the premises.

Return your keys.

After the final inspection, your agent will notify you if you will be receiving a full bond refund. After everything is said and done, you may hand over your keys and exhale a sigh of relief since you’ve officially moved out.

Find A Moving Company Near You

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How To Find a Reliable Handyman After you Move?

August 31, 2022
How To Find a Reliable Handyman After you Move?

Are you looking for a reliable handyman or a plumber to help you with your new home? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step tutorial and a list of trustworthy websites and applications to make finding a reliable professional as simple as possible.

When things go wrong in your new property, here’s how to hire a reliable handyman or plumber:

How to Survive Moving And Living Alone Abroad
How to Keep in Touch With Friends After Moving Overseas
How to Find Reusable Packing Supplies?

When things go wrong in your new property, here’s how to hire a handyman or plumber:

Things will break in your new home, no matter how old it is. When looking for a reliable handyman or plumber, follow these simple steps to locate the best fit for your needs.

Identify who is the best professional for the job.

You could not get your shoes cleaned at a hair salon, would you? This is why it’s critical to select the right individual or firm for your home improvement or repair project. A handyman may help with a variety of jobs, including hanging drapes, cleaning gutters, and basic painting work (which will vary depending on the individual). For more specialist jobs like plumbing, heating, or electrical, you’ll need someone who has been trained in that field.

Determine whether it’s a do-it-yourself project or a professional job.

While many home and garden television shows make jobs appear quick and easy, the reality is that you must first understand your own strengths and limitations. Consider whether you have the requisite skills, time, and equipment to perform the work. If you can’t do it yourself, it’s time to hire a pro.

Seek advice from friends and family.

Suggestions are a fantastic way to identify qualified candidates for your position. Consult with friends and neighbors who have had similar work done, or post a question on your town’s social media website. If you’ve recently relocated to the region, your realtor can help you find a handyman, plumber, or other home renovation professional.

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Don’t be hesitant to do a casual phone interview.

The choice to hire someone to work on your home is a big decision. A simple phone conversation might provide information by reviewing the contract and asking further questions like turnaround time and a satisfaction guarantee.

Compare reputable professionals.

If you don’t compare multiple professionals, you won’t know if you’re getting the greatest cost and services for your project. Many home improvement professionals maintain an online presence, such as a website or social media account. Take the time to learn about their areas of expertise and certifications. For plumbers, electricians, and other specialty services, double-check your state’s license requirements.

Check out the feedback from previous customers.

When looking for a handyman or plumber, it’s critical to read client feedback. Choosing a contractor on the basis of price alone can lead to tasks that are poorly performed (or incomplete). Positive or negative evaluations can reveal a lot about a person’s or company’s quality.

Compile a list of handyman estimates.

Make sure to get three to four professional quotes when looking for a handyman or plumber. This will assist you in determining how much you should pay for the service you require.

When the job is over, don’t forget to leave a review.

Because you probably chose your handyman based on evaluations, it’s crucial to repay the favor and provide feedback when the service is over. Overall satisfaction, punctuality, professionalism, and cost are all important factors to consider while writing your review.

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How to Easily Return Your Spectrum Equipment Before Moving

August 10, 2022
How to Easily Return Your Spectrum Equipment Before Moving

It’s usually difficult to consider the logistics when you return your Spectrum equipment for TV and Internet, and voice equipment you’ve used while planning a relocation.

All Spectrum equipment, including modems, routers, and auxiliary equipment, remains company property, and you’ll be responsible for returning the majority of it, including modems, routers, and auxiliary equipment. Remotes and cords are not required to be returned by Spectrum.

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WowMover’s professional moving team understands that you have a lot on your mind leading up to, during, and after your move. Returning your Spectrum equipment is one of the many moving pieces you must put together to make a successful relocation, from planning and packing to unloading and settling into your new home or office space.

We want to make your transition as simple as possible, so our staff has put together a checklist that you may use to figure out how to return your Spectrum equipment. While everyone’s demands are different, this list contains a variety of options for you to consider as well as other information that may be useful during the process.

Return Spectrum equipment to any UPS store

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Special Circumstances

Customers with disabilities may be eligible for equipment pickup in certain circumstances. For further information or to make a request, contact Spectrum.

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Some Equipment Can Be Returned with FedEx

While it is advised that you return your equipment to a Spectrum Shop or UPS store, you can also return it by FedEx.

Only a limited number of Spectrum items can be returned through FedEx:

If your Spectrum equipment came with one, attach your return label to a cardboard mailing box that is free of outdated labels. Seal the box properly and send it to Spectrum.

You can also drop off your box at any FedEx Office, but not at a FedEx DropBox.

Ready To Move?

Make plans to return your inter equipment and enjoy your move with the help of the pros at WowMover. Our crew has decades of moving experience and would be happy to answer any further questions you might have regarding what it takes to relocate successfully.

How to Return Your Spectrum Equipment When You're Moving?

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Does Everything Have to Be in Boxes for Movers

July 25, 2022
Does Everything Have to Be in Boxes for Movers

Nobody wants a last-minute headache on moving day, whether they’re moving locally or across the country. If you don’t know if you have to pack everything for the movers. The moving process is stressful and laborious even in the best of conditions, so addressing problems early is crucial.

And now that you’ve arrived, you’re undoubtedly wondering –

Although the responses are “no” and “yes,” rules differ, so you’ll need to discuss these concerns when interviewing full-service movers.

Things you should consider:

Is it better to box or not?

You should consider the following before deciding whether or not an item needs to be packed.

It may be tempting to save money by not boxing some things, but anything that can fit within a carton should be packed.

Packing boxes are a pain in the neck (and back), but packaged things are far less likely to be damaged.

Instead of being concerned about the cost of packing supplies, think of it as a low-cost insurance policy that will make moving into your new house or apartment a pleasurable experience.

Will movers refuse to transport products that haven’t been properly boxed?

Before signing a contract, it’s advisable to have each mover’s box policy in writing to avoid moving day difficulties.

Consider the following scenario:

You’ve hired one of the big national van lines to transport your belongings across state boundaries.

According to the local agency’s estimator, you can leave a lot of products unboxed.

So far, so good, but when the van driver from another agency arrives on moving day, they may ask you to pack many of the same goods.

In the meantime, you’re dealing with a crying child and a grumpy husband, and you might be out of boxes.

In other words, you’ll be under more stress, work, and financial strain.

Remember that moving van operators pay most of their claims. Therefore most don’t let unpacked items slide.

Is it worthwhile to pay for packing services when moving?

DIY packing is time-consuming and physically demanding, despite being an excellent way to save money.

On the other hand, professional packing services can be costly, as can moving boxes, newspapers, and packing tape.

It’s the typical catch-22 situation.

Remember that packing can be just as taxing as moving because it demands a lot of bending, stooping, and twisting, all of which can strain muscles.

Professional packers are almost always worth the extra money when convenience, safety, and cost are considered.

Items that should or should not be packed

Here are several examples:

Things you don’t have to pack

It’s all about working efficiently and saving money where you can when packing.

To that aim, the following goods are unlikely to require boxing.

Even if boxes aren’t required, these and other loose objects should be protected in moving blankets at all times.

Which things will the movers refuse to transport?

Before moving, most movers require the following goods to be packed.

If you’re relocating locally, you may be able to leave these items unpacked, but your movers may require you to sign a liability waiver.

Odds-and-ends vs. furniture

Chairs, dressers, and night tables do not need to be packed.

Before being placed onto the truck, they are encased in quilted moving pads.

On the other hand, small bits and ends or “loose goods” should be wrapped in paper and neatly put into boxes.

Making use of trash bags

Heavy-duty trash bags help package some items, but check with your mover to see what they can and can’t do.

Remember that garbage bags are fine for light, non-breakable objects, but you won’t be covered if the contents are damaged or soiled during the relocation.

Trash bags are helpful – during DIY moves.

Just remember that cheap garbage bags are prone to tearing, so use them sparingly and stack them high in the moving truck.

Using professional packers for a do-it-yourself relocation

It’s simple to hybridize your move these days.

One option is to hire a professional moving company to pack and transfer your belongings for you.

This is a convenient and cost-effective option when you don’t have big objects like pianos or appliances but do have a lot of glassware, electronics, and knick-knacks.

If you go this route, remember that because you’ll be transferring the items yourself, movers will not accept liability for the stuff they’ve packed.

Is it possible to get moving insurance?

If you’re thinking about hiring full-service movers but want to perform the packing yourself, consider how this will affect your belongings’ value.

When the driver takes the inventory, the boxes you’ve packed will be marked PBO, which stands for “packaged by owner.”

Moving firms are usually solely responsible for items destroyed in boxes that they have packed.

However, if your PBO cartons are damaged, split, gouged, or moist, you may be able to file a claim.

Allow the movers to pack your precious and fragile goods while you pack the rest.

Do movers take care of everything?

Although movers will move practically everything, you will need to dispose of, give away, or transfer some items yourself.

Among them are:

If you’re moving across town, you can transfer some of these items yourself, but it’s usually better to leave them for the new homeowner or give them to a neighbor.

Tips for moving and packing at the last minute

Moving Out? Be Prepared to Transfer Your Internet

July 6, 2022
Moving Out? Be Prepared to Transfer Your Internet

Unexpected moving fees are the last thing you want while you’re settling into your new home, especially for something as crucial as the internet. Your internet relocation fees, however, may include a transfer fee, an activation fee, an installation fee, or even an increase in your monthly equipment fee, depending on your service provider.

Get answers to all of these questions before you move to avoid these surprise relocation fees:

Will my internet provider charge me a fee if I switch providers?
Is my internet service still active at my new location?
When I move, do I have to pay an early termination fee?
Is it necessary for me to bring my previous internet equipment with me?

Continue reading to find out how to answer each of these questions.

Will my internet provider charge me a fee if I move?

Depending on your internet provider, you may be charged various relocation fees—or none at all. When it comes to transfer expenses, internet companies don’t have a typical lump sum cost. You can avoid early termination costs on your internet contract if you stay with the same internet provider when you relocate.

Cost of Moving an Internet Services

Spectrum charges a $9.99 transfer fee.
Professional installation price of up to $99 with Verizon Fios.
Professional installation price of up to $89.99 with Xfinity.
AT&T charges a $49.00 activation fee.
There appears to be no charge from CenturyLink.
Cox charges a fee for professional installation.
Mediacom charges a $49.00 transfer fee and a $99.99 professional installation cost.

When I cancel my internet subscription, do I have to pay an early termination fee?

Your internet contract will determine whether or not you must pay an early termination charge when you move. Unfortunately, simply quitting your internet provider’s network will not prevent you from being charged an early termination fee.

Need Moving Services?

You won’t have to pay an early termination charge if you’ve already completed your service’s contract terms—or if you have a no-contract internet plan. After you’ve worked out how to cancel your old internet service, utilize our guide to obtaining internet for your new house to choose a new provider.

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Backyard Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

July 5, 2022
Backyard Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

Backyard additions, such as covered patios and outdoor kitchens, may turn unused outdoor space into usable space. When you add features like gardens and fire pits to the mix, your house will soon become one of the most sought-after properties on the market when—and if—you decide to sell it. Are you ready to make a change? These are some of the most valuable backyard improvements you can do.

Need Moving Services?
Allowing someone else to move sounds like a lot greater chore than you think you can do. has a large network of trustworthy movers ready to assist you in packing and moving your entire home. Our network’s relocation companies are all certified and insured, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Backyard Home Improvements

Build a deck or a patio

A patio or deck that has been furnished can be used as an addition to your house. According to research, if you don’t already have one, adding one can add the value of your property. A new deck can increase the value of your home too.

But don’t get too carried away with trying to increase the value of your property. Check your local ordinances before starting to build a new deck (or hiring a contractor to create one for you) to ensure it will meet the code when finished. If you reside in a homeowners’ association, double-check that a deck doesn’t break any of the rules.

Improve Your Landscape

The best outside improvements you should be doing anyway: are mowing grass, fertilizing, and getting rid of weeds. Applying fertilizer and weed management alone can add value to your home. That’s a return on investment!

Add walkways, trees, potted plants, and flowers to your backyard to take it to the next level. Do you want to have a nighttime party? To show off your new landscaping, consider putting solar landscape lights along paths and in key locations. Alternatively, string lights throughout the yard for more fun and festive look.

Professionals shouldn’t have any trouble installing a brick patio when one didn’t previously exist, but replacing or extending an existing patio may require hiring a contractor. The deck is no different. While you may be able to construct a deck on your own, a contractor has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the joists are properly spaced and that adequate footings are provided.

A pergola can provide some much-needed shade

Make a second sitting area, this time with some shade. A pergola provides shade while keeping an open-air effect, similar to a gazebo but with slatted openings instead of a solid roof. You can add retractable fabric screens to the sides and roof for even extra sun protection. Do you want to make it extra special? A bistro table, wicker couch, or cushioned patio chairs will add warmth to the space. During the summer, you can even install a ceiling fan to keep things cool.

Make an outdoor fire pit

Custom fire pits with gas burners are particularly popular right now. According to the NAR research, if you spend $6,000 on a custom outdoor fire pit, you can recoup up to $4,000 when you sell. However, you don’t need to employ a contractor or spend a lot of money to profit from a fire pit. You can make one yourself using a kit that includes the liner, grill rack, and even bricks. Alternatively, you can pick up the products separately.

Home renovation businesses occasionally provide free classes on how to build a DIY fire pit, and their websites have thorough written instructions and videos.

Add Fence

Without any sense of privacy, a backyard can’t feel like a refuge or paradise. If you don’t have a fence and have the opportunity to build one, take advantage of it. If you can’t or don’t want to fence in your entire yard for some reason, try putting up a privacy fence instead.

You can construct a barrier between you and your neighbors with potted plants, trellises, or a hedge, but you can also utilize panels or sunscreens for more privacy. Even patio umbrellas provide some privacy from second-story neighbors. Just keep in mind that if you plant anything too close to your house, the roots may weaken the foundation and provide robbers access to a second-floor window.

Make an outdoor kitchen

Depending on how much money you put into it, a functional outdoor kitchen can improve the value of your home. But you’ll need more than an L-shaped island with a grill, sink, and ice chest to make it genuinely unique. Add a refrigerator or a prep room under the counter. Sunscreens should be installed. In the summer, a ceiling fan and even humidifiers will help keep things cool, while in the winter, heaters or a nearby fire aspect will keep things warm.

Make a garden

Planting a garden may provide you with fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs. Edibles can be woven into an existing landscape for added color or planted in a sectioned-off area. Have no idea where to begin? Online courses are available, and classes at local nurseries and botanical gardens are also available.

Adding a garden is a DIY project that virtually anyone can do. You can plant your garden in the ground or in raised beds, but make sure you have a well-thought-out layout that takes into account your backyard’s overall beauty. It’s crucial to weed and prune it after it’s in situ to keep it from becoming an annoyance.

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Should You Take Your Appliances When You Move?

June 9, 2022
Should You Take Your Appliances When You Move?

Is It Worth To Moving Appliances When Relocating? It has built-in speakers, temperature-controlled doors, sliding shelves, and an ice cream machine. You’re hopelessly in love with your new refrigerator and can’t fathom your life without it. The issue is that you’re moving, and the fridge doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Moving appliances is difficult, and the larger they are, the more difficult it is to move them. So, which appliances should you bring with you when you move, and which should you leave for the next lucky person?

Moving is difficult; parting with your high-end appliances can be much more difficult. We at WowMover know a thing or two about moving appliances, so we thought we’d share some tips on which ones should stay, which ones should go, and which ones aren’t worth the trouble.

Which Appliances Are Worth Taking?

So, which appliances are really worth it? Here’s the truth about the home appliances we love and the ones we might have to say goodbye to.

Moving Large Refrigerators

You’ve probably figured out that your refrigerator isn’t exactly a shoo-in for the moving truck by now. However, the explanation behind this may surprise you. While our refrigerators appear to be tough, they are actually rather delicate, and it’s highly unlikely that they will arrive at their destination undamaged. You can, however, increase your chances by taking the necessary safeguards.

Getting an Air Conditioner Moved

Air conditioners are probably the holy grail of appliances, in that they are highly sought after, highly prized, and difficult to reinstall. Unfortunately, if you want to carry one with you to your new home, you’ll have to do just that. Relocating your air conditioner might cost anywhere between $500 and $750, including components and labor, depending on the distance traveled. As a result, it is a costly moving truck passenger. If you’re attempting to save money on moving, you might want to leave the air conditioning to the future owner.

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Relocating a Dishwasher

When is it not handy to use a dishwasher? When you’re trying to get them to move. Yes, as difficult as it may be to believe, these helpful, convenient household appliances may be a hindrance when transporting them.

Should You Take Your Appliances When You Move?

Washing Machine Moving

The washing machine, while not as delicate as the refrigerator, has a flaw in its drum. You’ll also need to replace the transportation rods that came with your washing machine in order to keep the drum immobile during transit. Consult your owner’s handbook or the people at the store where you got it if you’re not sure how to do it. You might also wish to enlist some assistance because washing machines are quite heavy.

Moving Your Appliances Could Be Beneficial

Although you are not required to leave your appliances behind, doing so may help you sell your property faster. Because they generally do not have their own appliances, first-time homebuyers opt for homes that are completely equipped. Also, buyers would prioritize your property above similar-priced homes if they see it fully equipped with the latest equipment in excellent shape. Also, make sure to include your appliances in your listing. Your realtor can assess your home depending on the state of your appliances and help you sell it for more money.

Also Read: Packing 101: Moving Kitchen Appliances

We take care of moving your appliances so you don’t have to

Okay, so your appliances have a special place in your heart, and the prospect of abandoning them is too much for you to handle. Just don’t say WowMover didn’t tell you about the difficulties you’ll face if you decide to relocate them. We’ve relocated a lot of appliances ourselves, and we can assure you that it’s not a job for the faint of heart or the weak of will.

Fortunately, at WowMover, we have the skills and years of experience necessary to transfer your appliances with ease. We’ll dismantle what needs to be dismantled, connect what needs to be connected, transport it to your new home without causing damage, and then reverse the process once we’ve arrived.

WowMover will put together a bespoke package based on your budget and needs, whether it’s only an appliance that has to be moved or a full-service moving.

Contact us today for a free moving quote, and we’ll get you started on the right track.

Call Wowmover

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A Quick Guide for Moving to a Warmer Climates

May 31, 2022
A Quick Guide for Moving to a Warmer Climates

Transitioning from a cold to a warmer climate or moving to a hot climate necessitates planning. Your clothing will transition from boots and sweaters to shorts and flip flops, and your interests will shift from snowshoeing to surfing. With all of this shift, it’s critical to understand how to adapt to hot weather.

Also, Read: Moving To Another State? Here’s What To Consider

Be prepared to make a few adjustments if you decide to relocate to a hotter environment. You’ll need to keep a few things in mind to make the most of the weather in your new house. Make the most of your new house by learning how to deal with the heat!

It might be difficult to adjust to living in a hot climate. Knowing what to expect when you come is a fantastic first step in adjusting. Here are a few ideas for making the most of life in the hot weather

Keep hydrated because you’ll be sweating more than usual

If you’re wondering how to adjust to hot temperatures, starting with drinking water is a good way to start your day. It will take some time to acclimatize because your body is acclimated to a certain temperature… especially if you’re moving from a cold to a hot location.

In an attempt to cool you down, your body will increase sweat production to compensate for the change. Sweating output will decrease as your body adjusts to the heat. Drink plenty of water as you adjust (and afterward!).

A Quick Guide for Moving to Warmer Climates

Assist Your Pets in Making the Transition

You aren’t the only one who will have to adjust to the warmer weather; hot summer temperatures may be brutal on animals as well! While your dog may have loved spending all day in the backyard at your previous house, hours spent in the sweltering weather can make your canine buddy unwell. To help your pets cope with the effects of hot weather, do the following:

Also Read: How to Introduce your Pets to your New Home after Moving

Wear sunscreen since your skin will need it

Living in a region with more sunlight and more opportunities to spend time outside may appear to be the advantage of living in a hot environment. However, you must exercise caution due to the amount of sun exposure!

Take precautions before going outside to enjoy your new home without fear of significant skin damage. When you leave the house, use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, as well as hats and sunglasses for added protection. If you want to sit by the pool or the ocean, go early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid direct sunlight.

Your Summer Energy Bills Will Go Up

In your previous home, there’s a high possibility you didn’t have your air conditioning on all the time. However, in a climate where temperatures regularly exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, having the air conditioner on is essential. Excessive exposure to extreme temperatures can result in ailments such as heat stroke and exhaustion.

You’ll undoubtedly see an increase in your energy bill when you run the air conditioner more frequently. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your bills from getting out of hand, including:

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On the plus side, you won’t have to pay as much in energy costs throughout the winter. In January, average low temperatures in southern Florida are 51 degrees Fahrenheit, which is far simpler to warm to room temperature than the below zero average low temps in Maine!

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The Heat and Sun Will Affect Your Day

If you’re used to going for a run after work while the sun is shining brightly, you might want to reconsider your routine. Being active outside in your new hot climate while the sun is so powerful can be risky. You’ll need to start thinking about how to get through your regular duties without overheating.

Keep your run fun by going early in the morning when the day is at its coolest. Avoid using your oven or doing laundry during the day, as these appliances quickly heat up your home. You might think about creating an outdoor kitchen area, which is much more common in the southern U.S. than in northern states.

You’ll Feel Like You’re Driving a Furnace

The sun streaming through your windshield can heat your car’s metal components to the point of burning you. It’s difficult to drive when you can barely move your hands on the driving wheel! Cover your windshield with sunglasses to protect yourself from excessive heat. A light-colored, heat-resistant fabric covering can also be used to protect your steering wheel.

Ready To Move?

Now that you know how to live in hot weather, it’s time to get some assistance with moving to your new place. When you hire WowMover, our movers will keep you cool while we tackle the technical aspects of your move.

Here's What To Do When Moving To A Hot Climate

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What Are the Advantages of Multiple Day Moving?

April 27, 2022
What Are the Advantages of Multiple Day Moving?

What Are the Advantages of Multiple Day Moving?: Moving is both mentally and physically taxing. As a result, if you don’t have to, don’t rush the process. Consider a multi-day move to make your relocation less stressful. It will not only make your relocation less stressful, but it will also allow you time to appreciate your previous house and possessions, making the transition simpler. In most cases, multi-day moves are more efficient than single-day moves.

It’s Time to Appreciate Your Old Home and Personal Property

Taking the time to appreciate your previous house and possessions might make the transition easier. It expresses gratitude to your possessions for looking after you. and include retaining only items that “spark” and discarding the rest after thanking them. Taking the time to thank old belongings might help you let go guilt-free. It aids in the recognition of your relationship with your belongings.

According to Shintoism, all things have souls, ideas, or feelings based on the energies we put into them. The concept is that the more good energy or respect you offer your belongings, the more favorably energized they will become. Whether you agree with this idea or not, expressing gratitude for your possessions might make you feel better.

Recommended For Larger Homes

Although not every relocation should be spread out over several days, it is especially beneficial for larger residences. There’s a lot more to move in large properties, and they’re usually more valued. A multi-day move will give you enough time to safely relocate all of your possessions. Moving up and down flights of stairs is more difficult in larger homes, making the procedure even more exhausting.

It’s Easier to Move With Kids

For moves with children, multi-day moves are often encouraged. During the relocation process, children frequently experience their own emotions. They have a more difficult time adjusting to major life changes. A multi-day move may be more convenient for them.

Multiple Day Moving

Moves That Are More Efficient

Multi-moves are also preferable because movers are more efficient during two shorter days of relocating. Because a multi-day transfer is less rushed, there will be fewer mishaps. You’ll reduce the chances of causing damage to your goods or your old and new residences. It also allows you to spend more time cleaning your old home or apartment.

Multi-day relocations allow you to recall details you may have forgotten. The extra time will aid you in avoiding common relocation errors. For example, haste may cause you to overlook setting up utilities at your new residence. It’s possible that you’ll have to add more stops to your move at the last minute. A multi-day journey allows you to plan out the stops you’ll need to make ahead of time.

It allows your body to rest

Moving is a physically demanding activity. It necessitates a great deal of lifting and walking. You can allow your body time to rest between moves by spacing them out across many days. This will allow you to move more during the day without overworking your body.

Hire a moving company

Allow us to perform the work for you to relieve as much stress as possible! Wowmover provides packing and unpacking services for most moves, which can be done in two days. All of your stuff will be moved with exceptional care thanks to our white-glove moving experience. All of your belongings will be transported safely in our state-of-the-art padded moving vehicles.

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